Mayo islands

  • Voting is continuing on the Mayo and Galway islands in the 2019 European and Local elections, and the divorce referendum.

    Islanders traditionally vote a day ahead of the mainland, to ensure that ballot boxes are returned to the count centre  in time and are not impacted by bad weather at sea.

    However, this is expected to be the last time islanders will vote ahead of the rest of the country - after the Government recently approved a Bill from Galway-West TD Eamon O'Cuiv that would mean islanders voting on the same day as those on the mainland.

    Today, almost 200 voters on the Mayo islands of Inisturk, Inisbiggle and Clare Island are casting their votes, with polling stations on Clare Island and Inisbiggle remaining open until 8pm, and until 7.30 on Inisturk.





  • Around 200 voters will go to the polls today on the three Mayo islands.

    115 people are eligible to vote on Clare Island, 50 on Inishturk and 20 on Inishbiggle.

    Voting is taking place on 11 islands in total today off the Mayo, Galway and Donegal coasts while the mainland voters go the polls tomorrow, along with voters on the Cork islands.

  • Efforts are underway to ensure the development of small ports in remote areas of the Irish islands.

    Amendments have been passed by the European Parliament's Fisheries Committee to give coastal communities special protection.

    It would also equip fishing boats to improve the health and safety of crew members.

    Sinn Féin MEP for Ireland South Liadh Ní Riada says there'll be other benefits if funding goes ahead

  • Funding of €339,000 has been allocated for works on three of Mayo’s offshore islands.

    The funding has been approved for various works on Inisturk, Clare Island and Claggan Island.

    €174,000 has been approved for the purchase of land and construction of a helipad on Inisturk, with a further €15,000 for the construction of a pier wall.

    €112,500 has been granted for roadworks and resurfacing of roads near the chapel on Clare Island and €37,500 for roadworks on Claggan Island.

    The funding is being provided to Mayo County Council and Minister for Rural and Community Development Michael Ring told Midwest News that he is hoping the work is carried out without delay.

  • Voting in the referendum on the 8th Amendment will take place on the Mayo islands tomorrow.

    Polling stations on Clare Island, Inisturk and Inisbiggle will open at 9am tomorrow  morning and remain open until 7pm.

    Voters on the Mayo islands go to the polls a day ahead of those on the mainland to ensure the ballot boxes are delivered by Friday night to the count centre at the TF Royal Hotel in Castlebar, in time for Saturday’s count.







  • Minister for Rural and Community Development Michael Ring has welcomed the announcement of funding of €295,250 to Mayo County Council to carry out works on Inishturk Island, Inishbiggle Island and Clare Island.

    Minister Ring stated that “This funding is part of an overall allocation of €753,350 which has been granted to Mayo County Council, Cork County Council, Galway County Council and Donegal County Council. It has been sanctioned to enable works on a number of the country’s island.

    This funding will enable Mayo County Council to carry out much needed works on Inishturk Island, Inishbiggle Island and Clare Island.

    Minister Ring continued also advised that the ferry service to Inishbiggle which has been in effect since the beginning of this month will be extended by a further six months, after which a long-term contract will be implemented.

  • Voting is underway since morning on the 12 islands off counties Mayo, Galway and Donegal in the Presidential election and blasphemy referedum.

    200 people are eligible to vote on the three Mayo islands of Clare Island, Inisturk and Inisbiggle.

    Turnout is quite slow so far, with about 20% of voters having cast their votes up to lunchtime on Inisbiggle, with 14% turnout reported on Clare Island and Inisturk.

    Traditionally, island voters have cast their ballots ahead of the mainland to ensure that bad weather or transport difficulties do not delay the return of ballot boxes to the count centres.

    Polling stations on the mainland will open from 7am tomorrow morning until 10 pm.

    Meanwhile, the broadcast moratorium comes into effect at 2pm this afternoon, ahead of tomorrow's voting.