Mairead Farrell TD

  • Beds in private hospitals need to made available to the State to tackle the coronavirus.

    That's according to Galway West Sinn Féin TD Mairead Farrell, who says we have limited capacity in public hospitals, so it's important that private hospital capacity is made available.

    The private hospital sector has about 2.500 beds -  a number of which are critical care and ICU beds, and she says this may prove essential in the coming weeks.

    Deputy Farrell told Midwest News that Ireland needs to follow the example of Spain in taking private hospital beds under public control....

  • The Government must bail out families across the country during the coronavirus pandemic, just like the Irish taxpayer bailed out the banks a decade ago.

    That was the strong message coming from Galway West Sinn Féin TD Mairéad Farrell, who says it is time to increase emergency financial supports for workers and families affected by the current situation.

    Sinn Féin is proposing an Income Support Scheme that would guarantee an income of up to €525 per week for 20 weeks for all workers laid off as a result of the crisis.