Magdalene Laundry

  • COPE Galway has today launched a new booklet today, to remember the women who lived and worked in the former Magdalen Laundry in Galway.

    The Magdalen Laundry operated on Forster Street from 1870 to 1984.

    The convent building associated with the laundry is to become a new state-of-the-art centre for women and children who experience domestic abuse in Galway.

    The new facility is urgently needed as the Waterside House building - currently being used for COPE Galway's domestic abuse service - is unfit for purpose and does not provide enough space for those looking for safe refuge.

    Last year, the organisation was unable to accomodate 258 women and their 441 children who sought refuge.

    Jacqui Horan, CEO of COPE Galway, told Midwest News that - after years searching for a new facility - the Sisters of Mercy offered the charity a gift of the convent building in the heart of Galway City, which will now undergo a €4 million renovation to provide a domestic abuse refuge.

  • The details of an exhibition honouring the victims of the Magdalene laundries will be revealed later.

    It will form part of the flagship temporary exhibitions at the National Museum of Ireland for 2019.

    The exhibitions will span the museum's four sites in Dublin and one in Mayo.

    New Director, Lynn Scarff, says some exhibitions over the next few months will provide exclusive content: