John Perry

  • Fine Gael has expelled former Fine Gael minister John Perry’s son Jude after discovering that he paid for Facebook ads to promote his father’s Independent general election bid.


    Jude Perry, who set up a branch of Young Fine Gael in Queen's University Belfast, was informed this week that his membership had been cancelled and he was being removed from the Fine Gael officer board in Sligo-Leitrim.


    Mr Perry paid less than €100 to promote seven Facebook posts about his father John Perry's general election campaign in Sligo-Leitrim.


    John Perry is a former Fine Gael junior minister who is running for the Dáil as an Independent after failing to get on the Fine Gael ticket.


    A Fine Gael spokesman said: "It is incompatible with membership of Fine Gael to be actively engaged in a campaign for another political party or Independent."


    Independent general election candidate for Sligo-Leitrim John Perry told Midwest News that he was astonished by Fine Gael’s decision to expel his son from the party.

  • Former Sligo Minister John Perry wants Fine Gael to add him to the ticket in the absence of outgoing candidate Councillor Sinead Maguire.

    Councillor Maguire took the ticket following the resignation of Gerry Reynolds in July and has now stepped down from the ticket for family reasons.

    Councillor Perry has appealed to Fine Gael membership to elect him for the Dail candidacy.

    He cites the large number of first preference votes he received in the 2016 party convention as testament to his electability.

  • Former junior minister,Sligo’s John Perry has warned Fine Gael it risks losing power at the general election if he is not on the party ticket in Sligo-Leitrim. 

    Mr Perry told today’s Irish Independent, that if Fine Gael is not serious about winning two seats [in Sligo-Leitrim] than it won't be in government."

    John Perry, who previously took a High Court action against Fine Gael over a dispute about him running in the general election, has not ruled out running as an independent if he is not added to the party ticket.

    He claims that private polling puts him in a strong position in the constituency.

    Mr Perry's declaration follows the surprise departure of former TD and senator Gerry Reynolds who quit the Fine Gael Dáil election ticket last week.

    Mr Reynolds stated that it would not be possible to continue to expand and protect his business interests and serve as a TD.

    Mr Perry faces competition from Senator Frank Feighan, the former Roscommon TD, who has also confirmed that he would be interested in contesting the next election in Sligo-Leitrim.

    Mr Feighan's home town of Boyle in north Roscommon was moved into the Sligo-Leitrim constituency in the most recent redrawing of boundaries.

    But Mr Perry argues that his political base in Ballymote in south Sligo means he is best placed to win votes for the party.

    Fine Gael has already selected Sligo councillor Sinead Maguire to run in the constituency, where sitting TD Tony McLoughlin is retiring at the next election.

    Other local figures who have expressed an interest in being on the ticket include councillors John McCartin, Ita Reynolds and Enda McGloin, as well as Noel Merrick, a former chairman of the constituency executive.

    Fine Gael general secretary Tom Curran is expected to visit the constituency today to meet potential candidates.


  • Former Fine Gael Minister and Dail deputy for Sligo, John Perry, says he is astonished at the procrastination of Fine Gael in selecting a second replacement candidate on the party ticket in the Sligo Leitrim constituency.

    Over the summer, Gerry Reynolds who had been selected to run for the party in this newly drawn up constituency announced his decision to withdraw his name. He has since been replaced by Boyle based Roscommon Senator Frank Feighin on the party ticket.

    Then last month cllr Sinead Maguire who had also been selected to run for the party in the same constituency also withdrew her name. It’s this second vacancy that John Perry believes now needs to be immediately filled.

    He told Midwest News today that the voice of the ordinary members of Fine Gael need to be heard in this process and has called on the constituency chairman or secretary to call a meeting on the matter.

  • Former FG Junior Minister John Perry is to run as an Independent candidate in the Sligo / Leitrim constituency in the next general election, after failing to be nominated by Fine Gael.

    The Ballymote man has served as a councillor, TD and Junior Minister.

    Last week, Fine Gael added newly-elected Sligo County Councillor Thomas Walsh to the party ticket in the Sligo / Leitrim, North Roscommon, South Donegal constituency, to run alongside Senator Frank Feighan.

    Councillor Walsh was a former parliamentary assistant to John Perry.

    Mr Perry has now confirmed his intention to run as an independent candidate.



  • A member of Fine Gael's youth wing says he's been given "no evidence" for being kicked out of the party by text message.


    Jude Perry, the son of former junior minister John Perry, says he's found the news quite distressing.


    The party claims he posted messages of support for his father on Facebook, who's running in the Sligo/Leitrim constituency as an independent in the election.


    Jude doesn't think he's been given a fair hearing:

  • Former Minister of State John Perry will attempt to make his political comeback this week as he contests the Fine Gael selection convention in Sligo / Leitrim.

    The former Sligo-Leitrim TD says his decision to mount a legal challenge against Fine Gael after he was not selected as a candidate for the 2016 general election is water under the bridge and said he believed people respected him for standing firm at the time.

    Mr Perry is one of nine candidates seeking a party nomination at Thursday's convention in the Clayton Hotel in Sligo.

    Sitting TD Tony McLoughlin has decided not to stand in the next election.