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  • On Tuesday we celebrated our 29th birthday with a wonderful night in Castlebar at the Royal Theatre with our #NightWithTheStars, but before that on the #MidMorningShow, Paul and Gerry recalled the opening days of the station, the nervous wait to get the license, the fun of getting the premises ready and the hope that people wouldn't have forgotten them after being off the air for six months! Listen back now to some great stories below!

  • Midwest Radio continues to command the highest listenership of any local station in the country.

    The latest JNLR / Ipsos MRBI radio survey, covering the 12 months from January to December 2017- shows a Yesterday Listened figure of 61%, with an equally impressive market share of 55.7% - consolidating Midwest Radio’s position as market leaders in local radio.

    The survey is good news for radio generally, as it shows that 83% of Ireland’s adults – that’s 3.1 million people – listen to radio every day.

  • Midwest Radio has achieved its highest-ever ratings, in the latest JNLR/Ipsos Radio Listenership survey of all radio stations in Ireland published today.

    The figures reveal that Midwest Radio is clearly the preferred choice amongst radio listeners with a Yesterday Listened figure of 65% - up 2% from the previous survey. The stations market share – which determines the amount of time listeners stay tuned to the station – has increased by a massive 3% and now stands at 57.8%.

    Midwest Radio’s CEO Paul Claffey said he was extremely proud of the latest figures and said that the loyalty people in Connacht have to the station is unique and that Midwest Radio is an integral part of life in the west of Ireland.

    “The results are phenomenal and great credit has to go to our entire team who have put their shoulder to the wheel and made sure that we deliver the service that people want.  Midwest Radio is very much a team effort and every single member of our staff in every department of our business deserves great credit for keeping us where we are”.

    Mr. Claffey also said that whilst other media competitors such as local newspapers were experiencing a worrying decline within their industry it appeared that there were no signs of local radio becoming extinct - citing the fact that local radio was more popular in practically every franchise area in the country that the national stations. 

    “Midwest Radio has more listeners than the combined listenership of all the RTE radio stations, Newstalk, Today FM and all the other stations available in the region it tells its own story.  Thankfully, we continue to be the preferred choice and we hope to keep it that way”.

    2019 sees Midwest Radio celebrate its 30th birthday and plans are underway to celebrate this milestone with a number of projects in the pipeline to be announced in the coming weeks.

    “We never underestimate the importance of our loyal staff and also our exceptionally supportive advertisers.  At the end of the day the service we provide couldn’t happen without the financial supports which businesses across the west give us.  I would like to thank them for their loyalty and assure them that we are delivering the listenership figures that allow them to promote their businesses to the largest radio audience in the region”.





  • Midwest Radio has further increased its listenership, according to the latest JNLR / Ipsos/ MRBI survey.

    It shows that over the 12 months to December 2019, Midwest Radio increased its daily listenership by 1% to 63%, making it one of the most popular local stations in the country.

    The station's market share is at 55.9%.

    Midwest Radio managing director Paul Claffey says it's another phenomenal result, and has thanked listeners, advertisers and staff for their ongoing support.


  • Midwest Radio has recorded another impressive set of results in the latest JNLR/Ipsos published today and has retained its position as Ireland’s most listened to local radio station.

    With a yesterday listened figure of 63% and a market share figure of 54.9% the station continues to attract a huge audience across Connacht with a varied mix of news, current affairs and light entertainment programmes.

    Commenting on today’s figures Midwest Radio’s Managing Director Paul Claffey said that the station had yet again catered to the interests of a wide age profile and delivered a service that was relevant and appealing to the west of Ireland.

    “Midwest has always been a unique station and our aim is to keep it that way.  We have that ability to connect with people in a way no other radio station does and the loyalty of our listeners reflects that.  This week we are celebrating our 29th year on air and our success if due, in no small way, to our dedicated staff, our enthusiasm to want to remain as the country’s leading local radio station and our advertisers who ultimately provided the funding to allow us to do what we do”.

    Mr. Claffey also had a special word of thanks to the listeners all over Ireland and abroad for their “unwavering support” for the best part of three decades.  He said that despite all the predicted ‘doom and gloom’ expressed by many people about the future of the media industry Midwest Radio were bucking the trend and would continue to do so for many more years to come.


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  • Midwest Radio is still the most listened to local radio station in the country, according to the latest JNLR listenership figures published today.

    Midwest Radio has a yesterday listened figure of 61%, the highest in the country.

    The station also has a market share of 55%, the second highest in the country. Market share is the length of time people stayed tuned to the radio station.

    The figures consolidate Midwest Radio’s position as the number one station the country.


    Midwest Radio has retained its top rating in the latest listenership survey.

    According to the Ipsos / JNLR / MRBI survey, Midwest Radio has again recorded an impressive 62% "Listened Yesterday" figure, while the station has also recorded an increase in market share - which now stands at 58.4% - an increase of over 2%.

    Commenting on the latest performance, Midwest Radio Managing Director Paul Claffey said the figures prove yet again that Midwest Radio remains the most popular media platform in the country, and said the ongoing support of advertisers and staff were the backbone of the latest successful figures.



    Midwest Radio continues to be the most successful local radio station in the country, according to the latest survey published today.

    The JNLR / MRBI radio listenership figures show Midwest Radio with a yesterday listened figure of 61% - the highest of any independent station in Ireland - while the market share of almost 51% is the strongest of any of our competitors in the West.

    Station Manager Tommy Marren says it's encouraging that people are tuning into programmes at all times of the day and night.

    Midwest Radio Chief Executive Paul Claffey paid tribute to the listeners, staff and advertisers for their support and loyalty to the station.