Irish Rural Link

  • Irish Rural Link – the national network representing the interest of rural communities is urging older people to keep safe and keep warm during the cold weather over the next few days.

    With snow in some parts of the region and freezing conditions expected to last for the coming days, the organisation is urging older people to keep warm and avoid going out if at all possible.  Very often older people don’t leave heat on or keep fires going but they should keep house extra warm during this time and wear extra layers.

    It is asking the public to call in on elderly neighbours to ensure they have enough fuel and food and not presume someone else is calling in to them.

    Irish Rural Link also urges older people to contact neighbours if they do need help with anything, and not be afraid to ask, and if they have a personal alarm to check it is working and have it on them at all times.

    People need to be extra mindful of older neighbours living on their own at this time.

  • Irish Rural Link – the national network representing the interest of rural communities is urging people to check in on elderly neighbours during the festive season.

    Christmas can very often be a lonely time for people, especially for older people living alone who may not have family or may not be with family at this time of year.

    The organisation is urging  people to be extra mindful of elderly and other vulnerable neighbours at this time and not to presume that their family is with them, that they have gone to family or friends for the Christmas or that another neighbour has looked in on them.

    It is also the time of year when elderly people are more susceptible to catching cold and flu and may not be able to get out and about. People should also be mindful of this and drop in on such neighbours even if to ensure they have enough fuel and food.  

    It is also encouraging  older people living on their own to contact their neighbours if they are in need and not to be afraid of disturbing or interrupting them.  As ever, it is reminding the elderly  to keep heat on if the weather turns very cold and to keep warm and also wear apersonal alarm if they have one and make sure it is working properly.

    To head off  break-ins or robberies, Irish Rural Link is also urging people to be vigilant of any suspicious behaviour and to use text alert and neighbourhood watch schemes if available in your area.