hospital overcrowding

  • 2018 has seen the worst October on record for hospital overcrowding, with 9,055 admitted patients forced to wait on trolleys and chairs for beds in hospitals right across the country.
    This is over twice (+124%) the numbers on trolleys when the INMO Trolley Watch began in 2006. 

    Sligo University Hospital has seen a dramatic rise in the number of patients on trolleys last month, compared to the same month last year. The figure has jumped to 454 from 193.
    University Hospital Limerick had over a thousand patients on trolleys last month – the highest in the country. This is the equivalent of Limerick’s total bed capacity twice over.
    Five hospitals saw over 500 patients on trolleys last month including  University Hospital Galway at  716, that’s up from 679 in October 2017.

    There were 166 patients waiting on trolleys at Mayo University Hospital last month, up from 152 last year.

    Ballymote based Fianna Fail councillor Keith Henry is a member of the HSE West Forum and he says the figures in Sligo are of concern to the people of the region, considering that the situation is set to get much worse when the flu/ winter season peaks.

  • There are 40 patients on trolleys today at Sligo University Hospital, the second highest figure in the country.

    That’s according to the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation.

    University Hospital Limerick has the highest figure today – at 41.

    Nationwide there are 535 patients on hospitals trolleys today.

    At University Hospital Galway there are 36 waiting for a hospital bed, 14 at Mayo University Hospital and 3 at Portiuncula Hospital in Ballinasloe.




  • Fianna Fail says a record high in outpatient waiting list marks a grim month for the overcrowding crisis in the country's hospitals.

    The party's new health spokesperson says 504,111 patients were left waiting for appointments, as hospital waiting lists continue to rise.

    Deputy Stephen Donnelly says that's the highest total ever recorded.

    With one in ten Irish people waiting for an appointment - Deputy Donnelly has accused the Government of a complete lack of urgency in tackling the problem.

  • November was the worst month on record for hospital overcrowding, according to the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation.

    The INMO says nine thousand six hundred and seventy nine patients were forced to wait on trolleys and chairs for beds, the highest number since records began in 2006.

    It says University Hospital Limerick was one of the worst hit with 1 thousand and seventy one patients on trolleys in November, twice the equivalent of the county's total bed capacity.

    Five other hospitals had over 5 hundred patients on trolleys in Cork, Galway, Letterkenny, Tallaght and Tullamore.

    Mayo University Hospital had 303 patients on trolleys for the month of November which is their highest since records began twelve years ago.

    Elsewhere, Sligo University Hospital had 431 patients on trolleys last month, and Portiuncula Hospital had 80 patients on trolleys for the month of November.

  • Over 10 thousand people were waiting on trolleys in hospitals last month - the worst April on record.

     The figures from the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation show an 8 per cent increase on April 2018 and a 125 percent increase on the same month in 2006 when records began.

     The worst affected hospital for overcrowding was University Hospital Limerick with 1,026 patients followed by Cork, while University Hospital Galway had the third-highest trolley numbers with 638 people waiting on trolleys during the month of April.

    That's a four-fold increase at the Galway Hospital since 2006 when records began.

    At Mayo University Hospital 272 patients spend time on trolleys last month, while 446 patients were on trolleys at Sligo University Hospital.


  • Hospital overcrowding is now out of control, according to the INMO, with a record 1,718 patients on trolleys in the first 3 days of this week.

    Galway University Hospital was the third most overcrowded between last Monday and Wednesday, with 125 people waiting for a bed over the 3 days.

    The INMO says these figures confirm that demand for emergency admissions continues to grow, with hospitals unable to provide the necessary capacity in terms of beds or staff.

    INMO General Secretary Phil Ní Sheaghda says we are now in the second week of April, and the numbers on trolleys are getting higher.

    She’s calling for the Government to recognise that the health service is in crisis, and requires immediate intervention.

    Meanwhile, Taoiseach Leo Varadker is visiting Galway University Hospital this afternoon.

    There are 26 patients on trolleys at the Galway Hospital today, with 25 at Sligo University Hospital, 13 at Mayo University Hospital and 5 on trolleys at Portiuncla Hospital in Ballinasloe.

    Across the country today, the total trolley count is 548 – an increase of almost 60% on this day last year.


  • 331 people are waiting on trolleys in hospitals across the country this afternoon.

    Figures from the INMO show University Hospital Galway is the most over crowded with 38 people waiting for a bed.

    Tallaght University Hospital in Dublin is next with 29 people on trolleys. 

    There are 21 patients waiting for a bed at Sligo University Hospital, and 11 at Mayo University Hospital.