government formation

  • Sinn Féin is meeting smaller political parties today as efforts get underway to form a government.

    Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil have taken a step back as left wing parties try to gather the numbers.

    The first government formation meetings are happening about now as Sinn Féin sit down with Solidarity People Before Profit and the Green Party with a view to forming a government.

    Both Labour and the Social Democrats also hold their first post-election Parliamentary Party meetings.

    It's expected Brendan Howlin will say his party should not go into government, while the Social Democrats are open to talking to everyone.

    Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil meanwhile have taken a step back as they take stock of their poor election results.

    It’s understood that the mood of the majority in Fine Gael is to go into opposition - but Fianna Fáil is said to be completely split on what to do, and whether it should / or should not work with Sinn Féin.

    Meanwhile, the 19 Independent deputies elected to the 33rd Dail are mostly rural based, and Sligo Leitrim  Independent deputy Marian Harkin is convinced that a grouping of rural independent TDs, focused on balanced regional development, could be influential in the negotiations to form a government.

    She told Midwest News today that, she has no red lines on who the grouping would talk to, and added that it is very early days in the negotiations and she is only now making the first tentative steps in talking to like-minded independent rural deputies.


  • Further talks will get underway between Fine Gael and Fianna Fail this week in the formation of a government.

    Work on a document that will outline how a coalition may function is ongoing.

    While there's no deadline for completion, it's said to be progressing well.

    Once completed, the framework will be presented to other parties and independent TDs for consideration.

  • Negotiations on a programme for government will formally get underway this evening.

    The Green Party is meeting Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil to start putting together a document to form a coalition government.

    Over the last number of weeks Fianna Fail and Fine Gael have been working on a framework document and are now ready to put it before the Greens.

    Fianna Fail deputy Leader, Mayo TD Dara Calleary has been one of his party’s main negotiators.

    He spoke to Midwest News this afternoon about how long this part of the process is likely to take and the urgency of getting a government in place.

    While he refused to put a time line on this stage of the process he said he expects it will take up to two weeks and after that whatever agreement is reached goes back to members of each party for approval or rejection.