Garda stations

  • 20 Garda stations in the Western region cannot access the PULSE computer system, due to a lack of internet connectivity.

    The Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan has released new figures which show that, nationally, there are still 76 Garda stations operating without internet of PULSE, while work is ongoing in another 15 stations.

    Roscommon-Galway Fianna Fail TD Eugene Murphy asks how can Gardai be expected to carry out their work without basic access to an ICT system or PULSE system, and says the West is particularly hit, as 20 stations are left in a black hole with no internet access.

  • Co Galway has the highest proportion of people living 10 km or more from a 24-hour Garda station or from a local authority fire station.

    These are among the findings in a new CSO study, measuring distances to everyday services in Ireland.

    The survey shows how close or far away people live from everyday facilities, such as schools, hospitals, fire stations and public transport.

    The results show people in Galway, Mayo, Roscommon, Sligo and Leitrim have higher average distances to travel to such services, compared to other counties.

    Almost 28% of people in Ireland live within 5km of a hospital emergency department, but Roscommon fares worst, with 34% of people living more than 50km from an emergency department, followed by Donegal and Clare.

    70% of people in Co Galway live 10km or more from a 24-hour Garda station - compared to the national average of 30% - while Galway also has the highest proportion of people living 10km or more from a fire station.

  • The Garda Representative Association says it's unacceptable that 20% of Garda stations don't have access to the internet.

    According to Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan, nearly one in five Garda stations are unable to connect to the internet.

    In response to a question by Fianna Fáil Justice spokesperson Jim O'Callaghan, Minister Flanagan said that out of 564 operational Garda stations, 111 are without access to the Garda internet network.

    This means they are unable to access Garda ICT services including PULSE, the computer system used by An Garda Síochána.

    Minister Flanagan said 34 stations without internet access are nearing completion for connectivity, but GRA spokesperson John O'Keeffe says it's ridiculous that so many stations do not have internet access...