fishing boat capsized

  • The wrecked hull of a fishing boat, which capsized off the north Mayo coast last month claiming the life of a fisherman, has been found washed up on a Scottish island.

    The tragedy on 10th April last claimed the life of 57-year old John Healy, a father of three from Gorthmelia, Barnatra, while two men fishing with him survived.

    The three men had been crab fishing about 30km northwest off Eagle Island when their catamaran, the Aisling Patrick, suddenly capsized.

    They managed to launch a life-raft and scramble aboard after transmitting a Mayday radio distress call.

    The life-raft was later found by the crew of the Sligo-based Irish Coast Guard helicopter after the men set off distress flares.

    All three were airlifted from the scene, but John Healy was later pronounced dead in hospital.

    Mr Healy, from Gorthmelia, Barnatra and formerly from Glencullen Bridge, Bangor Erris is survived by his wife Norah, three sons, and extended family.

    The other two fishermen, both in their 20’s, survived the incident.

    The Irish Independent reports today that the wrecked hull of the Aisling Patrick has been found washed ashore on one of the Outer Hebrides islands in Scotland.

    The local Coast Guard team secured the wreckage, to ensure its doesn’t drift back out to sea and become a danger to shipping.

    The Marine Casualty Investigation Board here has been informed of the find.

    It’s not yet confirmed whether the wreckage will be returned to Ireland for examination.