electric cars

  • 435 Electric and Hybrid cars have been sold in Galway City in the first 6 months of this year - which is a 62% increase on the same period last year.

    The figures were released today by Done Deal, and show that, nationally, almost 10,000 new Electric and Hybrid cars were sold in the first half of 2019  - up 69% on this time last year.

    The rise means Electric and Hyrbid car sales are the only growth area in the Irish car market this year.

    The best-selling new electric car of 2019 in Ireland is the Hyundai Kona, followed by the Nissan Leaf and Volkswagen E Golf.



  • An extra 1,000 charging points for electric cars are to be rolled out across the country over the next 5 years, as part of the Government's Climate Action Plan.

    The Department of Communications, Environment & Climate Action will provide funding to local authorities to install a number of charge points in each county, to meet the current and future demand for electric cars.

    That's according to Minister of State Séan Canney.

    He says there's been a significant growth in the number of fully-electric and plug-in hybrids on Ireland's roads, and people need to know that they will be able to recharge their vehicles quickly and efficiently - particularly for longer journeys in rural Ireland.

    The new scheme will complement the introduction of charge points that are part of the ESB eCars project, which has received €10 million in Government funding.