Eamon Scanlon

  • The National Council for Special Education is conducting a survey at present to assess the educational needs of children with special needs.

    According to Sligo based Fianna Fail deputy Eamon Scanlon, it’s very important that parents and guardians of children with special educational needs respond to the questions asked.

    The deputy says, many parents are not aware of the survey and he is urging anyone with an interest in the educational needs of children with special needs to take a few minutes and complete the survey, as he says it will be the basis of further services provided.

  • In the Sligo Leitrim constituency last night on the 15th count Fianna Fail’s Marc MacSharry and Frankie Feighan of Fine Gael were elected. Outgoing Fianna Fáil TD Eamon Scanlon was in the running until the end but lost out to Feighan .

    Martin Kenny of SF had topped the poll with 15,000 first preferences, and Independent Marian Harkin also secured a seat in this 4-seater.

  • A Sligo TD has called on the Government to pay farmers the majority of their agricultural payments which are now overdue.

    Fianna Fail TD Eamon Scanlon raised the issue in the Dail in regards to the Areas of Natural Constraints Scheme and the Basic Payments Scheme.

    Farmers had until the 15th of May to send in applications to the schemes and Deputy Scanlon has had up to 100 farmers ring him to say they are yet to be inspected for the ANC and BPS schemes.

    The payment lodgement dates for the two schemes were September and October respectively and some farmers are still waiting for inspections to avail of the agricultural payments.

    Deputy Scanlon told Midwest News that the Government must pay out the majority of payments to farmers while they wait for inspections to be conducted.

  • A Sligo TD claims some farmers are going hungry themselves to feed their stock, as difficult weather conditions since the autumn impacted fodder supplies in many parts of the country.

    The scramble for fodder has resulted in keen competition for supplies, and the price of good quality fodder hit record prices in the west.

    Deputy Eamon Scanlon has said over the past three weeks, he has received numerous calls from farmers in Sligo-Leitrim, north Roscommon and south Donegal who are suffering severe hardship as they try to provide fodder for their stock.

    While the Agriculture Minister Michael Creed introduced a transport subsidy scheme, Deputy Scanlon says it’s of no benefit to farmers, as hay increased by €8 per bale and silage by €12.

    Deputy Scanlon says it’s a health issue for many people and he’s calling for farmers to be front-loaded by €1,000 to help them to survive and to feed their families and their stock over the next month as some farmers are going hungry to feed their animals.

    Minister Michael Creed says delayed turn-out of some stock is increasing the demand for fodder and accommodation.

    He said it should be noted that the targeted, localised scheme to provide a subsidy for long distance transport of fodder is open and available to farmers affected by fodder shortages in the West and North West of the country.

    To support those in more immediate difficulties, the Department’s emergency phone line for animal welfare issues remained open and attended at all times, the Minister said, and all requests for support were responded to.