Department of Foreign Affairs

  • The Department of Foreign Affairs has secured additional seats on flights from key Australian cities to assist Irish people to get home in the coming days.

    It is not clear how many seats have been secured by the Department but the Irish Embassy in Australia confirmed the availability of additional seats on Qatar Airways flights from today through to March 31st.

    Senator Michelle Mulherin says she has been contacted by a lot of young people from Mayo over the last number of days who have had difficulty in returning home from Australia.

    Anyone experiencing such difficulty in travelling home should register their details on the Department of Foreign Affairs website and can contact the Irish Embassy in Australia.

    Senator Mulherin says five flights have been arranged from Australia to get people back home.

  • The HSE says it's planning to test a lot more people for coronavirus as the number of cases in Ireland rises.


    20 new cases in the Republic were confirmed last night, including two of community transmission and four healthcare workers.


    It brings the total to 90.


    The Department of Foreign Affairs is advising people to exercise "high degree of caution" in going to any EU member state.


    In a tweet last night, Tanaiste Simon Coveney however said that his advice does NOT include the UK


    From today, Donald Trump's plan to exclude people from 26 mainland nations in Europe comes into effect.


    Currently Ireland and the UK are not on the list of countries included.


    But yesterday the US president indicated that in light of an escalation in the number of reported cases, the ban could be extended to include the UK.

  • A Mayo woman is reported to have died following a road collision in Australia. It is understood the woman was in her early 20’s and had travelled to Australia in recent weeks.

    The woman sustained fatal injuries following a two-car collision in the Melbourne area.

    The Department of Foreign Affairs says it is aware of the incident and is providing consular assistance to the family of the deceased.

  • The Department of Foreign Affairs is advising Irish citizens not to travel to the Italian region of Lombardy or 14 other provinces placed in lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus.


    It is also cautioning against non-essential travel to the regions of Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Piedmont, and Le Marche.


    Around 16 million Italians have been quarantined under drastic government measures set out shortly after midnight last night.


    The total number of cases in the country is now 5,883 while 233 have died there since the outbreak began.


    Italy based Journalist Paddy Agnew says he expects people will take the quarantine laws seriously: