Day Care Services

  • As the country continues to open in stages from Covid 19 lockdown, the re-opening of HSE Day Care services need to be urgently looked at.

    That’s the view of Castlebar councillor Michael Kilcoyne.

    He said these vital services, had acted as a life-line for many, and have now been unavailable for 16 months due to the pandemic.

    The councillor, who is a member of the HSE West Forum, has submitted written questions  to HSE Management to secure a re-opening date for the Day Care Services in the county.

    Due to the cyber attack on the HSE, the May Forum meeting, scheduled for Tuesday next, has been cancelled.

    Nonetheless, cllr Kilcoyne insists there is an urgency in resuming the Day Care services, adhering to Covid restrictions.

    Cllr Kilcoyne has been outlining his concerns to Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley...