Covid 19

  • 66 new cases of COVID-19 have been recorded in the Republic today, with no new deaths.

    27,257 cases of the virus have now been recorded in Ireland.

    Of today's cases, 21 are in Kildare, 16 in Dublin, 6 in Limerick and 23 across 11 counties which include Roscommon, Sligo, Clare, Donegal, Laois, Louth, Meath, Monaghan, Offaly, Tipperary & Wicklow.

  • 1,620 new cases of covid 19 have been confirmed this evening and 12 more people with the virus have died.

    The Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan says the alarming escalation in the incidence of the virus in the general population gives great cause for concern.

    There are 498 new infections in Dublin, 203 in Limerick, 89 in Galway, 73 in Cork and 67 in Mayo - the rest are spread across all other counties. 

    490 coronavirus patients are in hospital, of which 42 are in ICU.


  • There has been a further six covid related deaths and 675 new confirmed cases.

    It's the lowest number of daily cases in nearly three weeks.

    199 are in Dublin, 104 in Cork, 67 in Meath, 50 in Limerick and 41 in Kildare and the rest in 20 other counties.

    There are 13 new cases in Galway and less than five cases in Mayo, Sligo, Roscommon and Leitrim.

    The 14 day incidence rate of the virus per 100,000 people is now 299.

    328 people with coronavirus are in hospital, 19 more patients have been admitted in the past 24 hours.

    41 of those hospitalised are in ICU.

  • 777 new cases of Covid 19 have been confirmed and 7 further deaths.

    Of the new cases, 182 are in Dublin, 81 in Galway, 44 in Wexford, 42 in Meath and 41 in Cork.

    The 14 day incidence of the virus per 100 thousand people has increased to 306.

    The Chief Medical Officer says 15 thousand people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in the last two weeks.

    Dr Tony Holohan is appealing to everyone to behave as if they're a close contact of a confirmed case.

  • There have been no further deaths from Covid-19 in Ireland with 45 new cases confirmed.

    This update from the Department of Health comes as the Minister for Health urged young people to avoid crowded gatherings and house parties.


    A total of 26,109 people have been infected with Covid 19 since the outbreak began, with 77 per cent of today's cases aged under 45.

    9 cases are in Limerick, with 8 in Kildare, 7 in Mayo, 6 in Cavan, 4 in Dublin and the remainder across 5 other counties.




  • The total number of cases of Covid-19 in the Republic has passed 200,000 for the first time.

    It's after another 1,318 cases and 75 additional deaths were reported this evening.

    428 of the cases are in Dublin, with 122 in Cork, 93 in Galway, 78 in Kildare, 77 in Limerick and the remaining cases are spread across all other counties.

    There are 27 new cases in Mayo, 13 in Sligo, eight in Leitrim and less than five in Roscommon.

    The reproductive number is between 0.5 and 0.8.

    There are 188 people in ICU with the virus - the lowest in nearly three weeks.

  • There has been one further coronavirus-related death and 765 new cases reported to the Department of Health.

    The number of patients in ICU is 30, an increase of four since yesterday.

    291 of the cases are in Dublin, 63 in Cork, 59 in Monaghan, 49 in Louth, 43 in Meath, and the remaining 260 cases are spread across all other counties. 

    Elsewhere in this region, there are 18 new cases in Galway, 13 in Sligo, ten in Roscommon, nine in Mayo and less than five in Leitrim.

  • There has been a further two Covid-19 deaths and 767 new cases.


    321 of the new cases are in Dublin, 84 are in Cork, 47 are in Meath, 34 in Limerick and 24 in Roscommon.

    There are also 23 new cases in Galway, twelve in Sligo, ten in Mayo and less than five in Leitrim.


    The national incidence rate of the virus per 100,000 people is now 248.


    322 people are being treated in hospital - 44 of those are in ICU.

  • 79 more people with covid 19 have died and there are 1,414 new cases.

    608 of the new infections are in Dublin, with 105 in Cork, 96 in Galway, 65 in Meath and 59 in Donegal.

    There are 31 new cases in Mayo, 26 in Sligo, twelve in Roscommon and five in Leitrim.

    The country's 14 day incidence rate has dropped to 536.6 per hundred thousand people.

    1,492 patients in hospital with the virus, which includes 211 in intensive care.

  • 814 more people have tested positive for Covid-19 in the Republic, and two more patients have died.

    The country's top public health official is warning the rates of infection in 22 counties have more than doubled in the last week.

    Chief medical officer Dr Tony Holohan says it shows "rapidly increasing growth rates across the country".

    16 more people with the virus were brought to hospital in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 204 with 30 now in intensive care.

    226 of today's cases were recorded in Dublin, 77 in Cork, 64 in Galway, 56 in Donegal, 48 in Meath with 343 more spread across the rest of the country.

  • 866 new cases of Covid 19 have been confirmed and six further deaths.

    The 14 day incidence of cases per 100 thousand people is now estimated to be 292.

    242 of the cases are in Dublin, 166 in Cork, 56 in Donegal, 54 in Galway, 44 in Meath and the remaining 304 cases are spread across another 20 counties.

    in this region, there are ten new cases in Mayo, seven in Sligo and less than five in both Roscommon and Leitrim.

    There are currently 328 patients with coronavirus being treated in hospital, including 15 admissions since yesterday, with 43 in intensive care.

    Today's figure means fewer than a thousand new cases have been reported in six out of the last seven days.

  • 89 new cases of Covid 19 were confirmed in the Republic last evening - with Leitrim among the counties affected.

    Co Leitrim has lowest rate of the virus of any county, and its last recorded case was a month ago.

    One further death from the virus was reported yesterday evening - which related to a person who died in June.

    There have been no deaths from coronavirus in the past 2 weeks.

     53 of the new cases are in Dublin, 15 in Limerick and the rest are spread across 13 other counties.

    Covid-19 case numbers and patterns are showing the virus is growing very slowly in many counties across the country, according to the latest modelling.

    But Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ronan Glynn, wants everyone to treat people they come into contact with as a threat:

  • The Health Protection Surveillance Centre has today been notified of 9 additional deaths related to Covid-19.

    3 of these deaths occurred in January, 2 in February, 3 in March and 1 in April.

    As of midnight last night (Mon) 443 new cases of the virus were confirmed in the Republic.

    There were 12 new cases of Covid 19 in Galway, 8 in Mayo, and less than 5 cases in each of the counties – Roscommon, Sligo  and Leitrim. 

  • Ireland has the fastest growing incidence rate of Covid 19 in the EU.

    A further 922 new cases of the virus have been confirmed today along with 8 deaths.

    The 14-day incidence rate is now 166 per 100,000.

    The Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan says none of the indicators of this disease are showing encouraging signs. He has reminded people to rigidly adhere to public health advice.

    There are 43 new cases in Galway, ten in Sligo, and less than five in Mayo, Roscommon and Leitrim.

  • A 21-year-old transplant patient from Knock says he can't understand why his community has been placed seventh in the HSE vaccine priority list.

    Matthew McNeive has had 25 operations since birth including a Kidney transplant in 2010.

    He has to attend hospital three days a week for dialysis.

    He is a third year student at the Technological University Dublin studying Clinical Measurement Science, and was due to start placement in Beaumont Hospital last October.

    However, the HSE deemed Matthew too high risk due to Covid-19 so his placement has been deferred.

    The frustrating point for Matthew is that some students on his course who began their placements have already had their vaccines.

    The Knock native says Dialysis patients are regarded as being extremely high risk in terms of Covid-19 and to put them way down the list seems contradictory.

  • Another 20 people have died with Covid-19 and there are 584 new cases.

    222 of the cases are in Dublin, with 44 in Kildare, 33 in Offaly, 31 in Meath, 29 in Westmeath and the remaining 225 cases are spread across 19 other counties.

    In Connacht there are 24 new cases in Galway, ten in both Mayo & Roscommon, less than five in Sligo and no new cases in Leitrim.

    There are 317 Covid patients in hospital, with 67 in intensive care.

    The ICU figure is the lowest since January 3rd and eight fewer than yesterday's total.

  • Another four people with Covid 19 have died in the Republic, and there are 16 new confirmed cases.

    The death toll now stands at 1,714 and the total number of cases is 25,355.

  • A further ten people with Covid 19 have died in the Republic.

    It brings the death toll here to 1,497.

    There are also 159 new confirmed cases - the total now stands at 23,401.

  • Three more people with Covid 19 have died here. 

    Eight new cases have also been announced.

    The death toll from the virus is now 1710 while there's a total of 25,341 confirmed cases. 

  • A further three people with Covid-19 have died in the Republic of Ireland. 

    Eleven new cases have been confirmed also.

    It brings the death toll in this country to 1,730, while there have been 25,414 confirmed cases.