Covid 19

  • There are 401 new cases of Covid-19 and 15 additional deaths.

    There are nine new cases in Galway, less than five in Roscommon and no new cases in Mayo, Sligo or Leitrim.

    Only two of the deaths reported today took place this month.

    There are 182 Covid patients in hospital - compared to 360 on the same day last month.

    There are 47 patients with the virus in intensive care - the lowest this year.

  • Over 15 thousand people across the country have been vaccinated against Covid 19 so far. 

    The HSE says its target is to administer 35 thousand doses by the end of this week. 

    Its CEO Paul Reid says an agreement to use private hospitals is being finalised and that he expects all of them to sign up urgently.

    However he described the current situation with Covid 19 as quite bleak.

  • Almost 9,800 fines have been handed out for covid 19 breaches.

    Over 7,500 fines of 100-euro have been issued by Gardai for non-essential travel, while 341 people have been given penalties of 500-euro for non-essential journeys to the airport.

    277 people have been fined for organising a house-party, while over 1,100 people have been fined for attending a party.

    The southern region, which covers Cork, Kerry, Clare, Limerick, and Tipperary, has seen the highest number of penalties at 3,038, while 2,403 have been issued in Dublin.

    There has been 1,977 fines handed out in the North Western Region with 158 of those in Mayo.

  • 17 more people have died with Covid 19 and there are 557 additional cases.

    229 of those cases are in Dublin, with 58 in Kildare, 34 in Donegal, 31 in Meath, 24 in Tipperary, the rest are spread across all other counties.

    In this region there are 20 new cases in Galway, nine in Sligo, eight in Roscommon and less than five in both Mayo and Leitrim.

    350 patients are in hospital, of which 83 are in ICU.

    Ireland's 14 day incidence rate per 100,000 population is 148.

    Both Offaly and Longford have rates that are more than twice the national average.

  • There have been 174 new cases of Covid-19 recorded in the last 24 hours according to latest figures from the national public health emergency team.

    One additional person has died.

    124 of today's cases were men and 48 were women, while 69% were under the age of 45.

    110 of the cases were located in Kildare, 27 in Dublin, 7 in Cork, 7 in Offaly, 6 in Meath and 17 are spread across thirteen other counties which include Mayo, Galway and Roscommon.

  • There are 683 new Covid-19 cases and 18 additional deaths.

    Of the new cases, 308 are in Dublin, 68 in Donegal, 49 in Kildare, 35 in Meath and 30 are in Offaly.

    In Connacht there are 24 new cases in Galway, eleven in Mayo and less than five in Sligo, Roscommon and Leitrim.

    329 people are in hospital with the virus and 76 are in ICU.

  • The Chief Medical Officer says he is wary of 'anticipatory behaviour' as the spread of COVID-19 continues to spread.

    Dr Tony Holohan says he doesn't want people to plan parties or arrange unnecessary visits to other homes as the situation starts to improve.

    However on the other side of that, NPHET believes people anticipating the worsening condition in the past few weeks has led to the growth of disease slowing down.

    Dr Tony Holohan urges the public to keep following the health advice

    Meanwhile, 772 new cases of the virus were confirmed yesterday, with six additional deaths.

    There were 41 new cases in Galway, 18 in Mayo, 13 in Roscommon, nine in Sligo and less than five in Leitrim.

  • TDs have been told a critical window was missed by not vaccinating all nursing home residents immediately after the vaccine became available.

    Nursing Homes Ireland has told an Oireachtas committee just 10 per cent of the first 77,000 vaccinations were given to nursing home residents and staff.

    That's despite them being top of the priority list just ahead of healthcare workers.

    There are currently 193 Covid outbreaks in nursing homes - with the HSE's Clinical Lead for Older Persons Dr. Siobhan Kennelly saying there are still problems in the system:


  • The Department of health has been notified of nine further deaths of people with Covid-19, 4,842 new cases and the number of people in ICU has risen to 119.

    1,049 of the cases are in Dublin, 530 in Cork, 514 in Waterford, 405 in Wexford, 247 in Louth and the remaining 2,097 cases are spread across all other counties.

    In this region there are 207 cases in Galway, 197 in Mayo, 85 in Roscommon, 44 in Sligo and ten in Leitrim.

  • A study on Covid-19 transmission suggests keeping a 2-metre distance indoors without a mask is not enough to prevent it from spreading.

    Experts at the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London found it's more likely to be caught inside by two people talking, rather than someone coughing.

    Their study says it's because water droplets released when people speak are so small they linger in the air.

    Meanwhile, Germany has introduced  a new rule that will ban people from using makeshift face coverings such as handmade cloth masks or scarves.

    Instead the public there will have to use to use full protective filter masks in shops and on public transport.

    It comes as the national lockdown in Germany has been extended until February 14th.

  • The Health Protection Surveillance Centre has today been informed that 2 people with COVID-19 have died.

    There have now been a total of 1,714 COVID-19 related deaths in Ireland.

    13 confirmed cases of COVID-19 were detected over the past 24 hours. There is now a total of 25,368 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ireland.

  • There have been 20 further coronavirus-related deaths and 8,248 new cases of the disease notified to the Department of Health.

    Three cases of the new Covid-19 variant that originated in South Africa has been found in Ireland.

    3,013 of the cases are in Dublin, 1,374 in Cork, 538 in Limerick, 314 in Kildare, 310 in Donegal and the remaining 2,699 cases are spread across all other counties. 

    In this region there are 220 new cases in Galway, 130 in Mayo, 70 in Sligo, 57 in Roscommon and 43 in Leitrim.

  • The national 14-day incidence rate of Covid-19 has fallen to 9 percent of its peak in January.

    It now stands at 148 cases per 100,000 people, with the figure not being below 100 since December 16th.

    557 new cases were announced by the Department of Health last night, while 17 more deaths have been reported.

    Galway recorded 20 new cases of the Covid 19  yesterday, with less than 5 cases in Mayo and Leitrim, 9 in Sligo and 8 in Roscommon

    In public hospitals last night nationally, there were 343 people with the disease while there were 82 patients in ICU.

    Professor Anthony Staines says even with high vaccine uptake among the very elderly, there are still hundreds of thousands of people at high risk of serious illness.

  • Two hundred further cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed today -- a situation the country's top public health official is calling "deeply concerning".

    Dr Ronan Glynn says it's the highest daily increase in numbers since May, with "multiple clusters" identified where there has been a secondary spread of the disease.

    81 people have tested positive in Kildare, 56 in Dublin, 13 in Tipperary, 8 in Limerick, 6 each in Laois and Galway, and five each in Kilkenny and Meath and the rest of the 20 cases are in Carlow, Clare, Cork, Donegal, Louth, Mayo, Offaly, Roscommon, Waterford, Wicklow.

    There were no further deaths reported among patients, but today's data brings the total infected in the Republic past 27-thousand for the first time.

  • There are 3,394 new cases of coronavirus in the Republic - that's nearly double the previous record.

    4 more patients have died and Cork has the most cases with 389.

    Dublin has 355 new infections, while Donegal has 339 and there are 258 in Louth and 233 in Mayo.

    Elsewhere, in this region there are 150 new cases in Sligo, 116 in Galway, 68 in Roscommon and 29 in Leitrim.

    The country's 14 day incidence rate is 381.6 per 100 thousand people and Monaghan has the highest incident rate in the country with 783.6.

  • 24 new cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed while one person infected with the virus has died, according to latest figures from NPHET.

    It brings the death toll in the Republic to 1,764 and the total number of cases to 25, 869.

    It comes as an Irish scientist leading the way in developing a Covid-19 vaccine says production may end up being very slow.

    In comments to the Independent today, Professor Adrian Hill from the University of Oxford says there will be high demand.

  • There has been 566 new Covid-19 cases and 25 deaths.

    233 of the new cases are in Dublin, 37 in Kildare, 30 in Meath, 25 in Donegal and 24 in Westmeath.

    In this region, there are 17 new cases in Galway, eight in Mayo with less than five cases in Sligo, Roscommon & Leitrim.

    489 people are in hospital with the illness, while 114 are in ICU.

    The country's 14-day incidence rate now stands at 199 cases per 100,000 people - the first time it has gone below 200 this year.

  • There have been six more deaths and 269 new cases of COVID-19 confirmed in the Republic this evening.

    Of the cases notified since midnight last night (Tues) 88 of the cases are in Dublin, 42 in Cork, 25 in Limerick, 20 in Louth, 16 in Donegal and the remaining 78 are in 17 other counties.

  • Another 28 people have died with Covid-19, and there are 763 new cases.

    251 of the cases are in Dublin, with 84 in Galway, 57 in Kildare, 47 in Limerick and 42 in Waterford.

    The remaining cases are spread across all other counties.

    In this region there are 23 new cases in Mayo, seven in Sligo, five in Leitrim and less than five in Roscommon.

    There are 754 people in hospital with the virus, which includes 151 in intensive care.

  • Another 29 people have died with Covid-19 and there are 776 new cases.

    One of the people who died was just 29 years old.

    278 of the cases are in Dublin, with 69 in Galway, 57 in Meath, 52 in Kildare, 48 in Donegal and the remaining 272 cases are spread across all other counties.

    In this region there are 20 new cases in Mayo, five in Sligo and less than five in both Roscommon & Leitrim.

    There are 574 Covid patients in hospital, with 136 in intensive care.