Councillor Mark Duffy

  • A Ballina Councillor has asked Mayo County Council to work with Irish Water to carry out a full review of the water and sewage infrastructure in the town centre.

    Independent Cllr. Mark Duffy says there have been continuous burst pipes, leakages and disruption for businesses and residents in Ballina.

    Cllr. Duffy raised his concerns at a recent meeting of Ballina Municipal District, and called for an overall review to be carried out to ensure long lasting permanent works are implemented.

  • As shops and businesses reopen this week, a Ballina Councillor is proposing a trial pedestrianisation of Pearse Street in the town, to create more outdoor space for shoppers.

    Independent Councillor Mark Duffy believes that closing off part of Pearse Street to traffic for certain hours each day, and all day at weekends, would free up more space for people to circulate around shops and around cafes and restaurants as they reopen later this month.

    Councillor Duffy made the proposal online earlier this week, and invited submission from the public on the matter.

    Having received almost 100 responses, he says the majority are in favour of pedestrianising part of Pearse Street...

  • Just weeks after a controversial motion declaring a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency in Mayo was voted through by elected councillors on Mayo county council, an attempt was made this week to invalidate it.

    The revocation of the motion was proposed by Foxford based councillor Neil Cruise at Monday’smeeting of the council. He called for the motion to be invalidated and instead referred to the Environment and Climate Action Strategic Policy Committee (SPC) of Mayo County Council, who could then issue recommendations.

    The Fine Gael cllr insisted that councillors needed feedback from the SPC, before any ambitious actions were included in the county development plan.

    However, he was informed by council Administrator Siofra Kilcullen that motions cannot be revoked for up to six months following their adoption due to existing standing orders.

    The motion was initially tabled by Independent councillor Mark Duffy just last month and after lengthy debate, a notice of motion calling on the authority to declare a climate and biodiversity emergency and to commit to taking measures to address the climate crisis within county Mayo was voted on and carried by a single vote in January.

    An emergency has already been declared nationally, and 17 other councils have also made similar declarations.

    However, on Monday, councillor Cruise questioned what legislative authority they had to declare a climate and biodiversity emergency. He said that councillors were trying to encourage people back to the county but this would make it harder to get planning for one-off houses, adding that the IFA had concerns over how farmers may be impacted by the emergency declaration.


    This lunchtime Midwest News Editor Teresa O'Malley spoke to councillors Duffy and Cruise on the issue.

     She began by asking Cllr Duffy what's the purpose of declaring the county a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency...