Commerical tax

  • A farmer with cattle can commercially tax a new jeep while a farmer without cattle, owning just sheep cannot, and according to Independent West Mayo Councillor Michael Holmes the situation is simply crazy.

    He argued at this week’s monthly meeting of Mayo County Council, this kind of an anomaly is just one of many that is causing young people not to opt to farm or live in rural Ireland.

    The councillor says the deterioration of services generally in rural Ireland is causing decimation of farms and people.

    A recent survey undertaken in a part of West Mayo showed that in 15 years time the 70 herd or flock owners now in the area, will be reduced to less than 20 and he says something has to be done to address rural decline.

    He says he is personally aware of up to ten small businesses in the west Mayo area that have decided or are seriously considering closing down at present.

  • Farmers with any number of sheep or involved in any sector of farming can tax their vehicle commercially in Mayo.

    That was confirmed by Mulranny based Independent Councillor Michael Holmes, following a meeting this week with Peter Duggan Head of Finance with Mayo County Council.

    Cllr Holmes says sheep farmers with any size flock or farmers involved in any enterprise can now tax their vehicle commercially.

    Mayo IFA had met with the Mayo Motor Tax Office last week and following that meeting it was confirmed that sheep farmers with a flock of 20 or more, or farmers in certain enterprises would quality for commercial tax only.

    However Cllr Holmes says Mr Duggan contacted the motor tax office during their meeting and those exclusions will not apply.

  • Officers of Mayo IFA and IFAC Accountants met with representatives of the Mayo Motor Tax Office in Castlebar last week to try and get some clarification of the registration of commercial vehicles for agricultural use.

    The delegation included Chairman of Mayo IFA Martin Gilvarry, Roy O’Brien of the IFA Regional Executive and Martin Clarke from IFAC Accountants in Balla.

    Following discussions agreement was reached on the text covering the registration of such vehicles.

    A farmer and herd owner for bovine and/or sheep, you may submit documentary evidence from the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine showing your name, address and herd number. The document must be less than 2 years old.

    Sheep farmers must submit proof of payment from the Department for a minimum flock size of 20 sheep.

    Alternatively proof of payment from the Department under the Basic Payment Scheme, Areas of Natural Constraint, GLAS or Organic Farming Scheme will suffice.