Close contacts

  • Healthcare workers, who are deemed close contacts of someone with Covid 19, are being asked to return to work if they have no symptoms. 

    It comes as the number of patients in hospital with the virus hits another record high.

    1,750 patients are being treated in hospital nationally today with Covid 19 and 158 are in ICU.

    The head of the HSE Paul Reid says this is a level beyond comprehension.

    7,000 health staff are currently unavailable as they have the virus or are deemed close contacts which is putting a huge strain on the health system.

    The HSE says these returning workers will be closely monitored.

    Mayo deputy Rose Conway Walsh told Midwest News that today’s move to recall healthcare staff that are deemed close contacts is an extraordinary move in what can be termed a response to a national crisis.

    Nonetheless, she says it’s worrying considering all the people that have contacted her recently to say they or their loved one had contracted the virus in an healthcare setting.

    The Sinn Fein Deputy says calling back staff in self isolation today raises a number of concerns for both healthcare workers and the general public.