Cllr Patsy O'Brien

  • 4,000 euro in funding has been allocated for a speed activated camera in Hollybrook in south Mayo.

    Local Fine Gael cllr Patsy O’Brien says there has been ongoing local concern about safety and speeding in that area, and he raised the matter with Mayo road Safety officer Noel Gibbons.

    Mr Gibbons suggested a speed activated camera may deter some of the speeding and cllr O’Brien told Midwest News that he is delighted to contribute from his council allocation towards the development.

  • The CCTV system in Ballinrobe is not being monitored at present because a Data Controller has not been appointed in the area.

    This was confirmed to local Fine Gael Cllr Patsy O’Brien by the Superintendent in Claremorrris recently.

    Because of stipulations under GDPR, the CCTV footage must be overseen by a Data Controller.

    Cllr O’Brien has called for a Data Controller to be put in place immediately, so that the CCTV is being utilised to its full potential.

  • A South Mayo Councillor says improvement work needs to be carried out on the R332 Kilmaine to Foxhall Road, given it is now a corridor for the new M18 motorway.

    The road is now a priority for funding because it is a strategic road.

    A report has been commissioned on the road but funding needs to be secured for a number of flash points according to Fine Gael Cllr Patsy O’Brien.

    Cllr O’Brien says there are three areas of the road in particular that need to be dealt with urgently, as he outlined to Midwest News.

  • A design team have drawn up plans to with safety concners at Gortacurra Cross near Cong in south Mayo.

    That was confirmed by local Fine Gael Cllr Patsy O’Brien.

    Cllr O’Brien says while he welcomes the upgrade works that have taken place on the R345 road, many local residents had raised concerns about safety at Gortacurra Cross.

    He says that a design has been drawn up for it and some funding has been made available.

  • Students and parents are being reminded again this week of the importance of road safety around school buses and particularly wearing bright clothing going and waiting at the school bus stop.

    The reminder comes as part of a campaign by Mayo Road Safety Working Group to coincide with the dark winter mornings.

    Fine Gael Cllr Patsy O’Brien raised the issue recently at a Road Safety Working Group and said he wants to see students step up a gear in terms of what they wear to make sure they are visible at this time of year on roads.

    He says those who make their way to and from bus stops in particular in rural areas, should be especially aware of the dangers.

    Cllr O’Brien says he would ideally like to see designated areas where parents/guardians can park in a safe area to pick up or drop off students from buses.

  • A South Mayo Cllr is calling for upgrade works on the water pipes to be carried out in the Cornaroya area of Ballinrobe. 

    Fine Gael Cllr Patsy O'Brien says the current pipe isn't able to supply water for any new dwelling. 

    Cllr O'Brien says this is a huge area in close proximity to the town of Ballinrobe and is calling for the capacity of the pipe to be increased as a matter of urgency. 

    Meanwhile Cllr O’Brien has also called for an issue with the Killeen Water Scheme in Ballindine to be dealt with.

    According to Cllr O’Brien, a leak has occurred there again this morning and he says this has been an ongoing issue over the past two years.

    Cllr O’Brien says he has been in contact with Irish Water and has requested that they renew this section under the Water Conservation Programme. He says he received indications that it would be included but to date that has not happened and Cllr O’Brien has called for it to be listed in the 2019 programme.

  • A South Mayo Cllr. has again raised his concerns over illegal hare coursing in the region.

    Fine Gael’s Patsy O’Brien says he has been inundated with calls from farmers over the Christmas period where illegal hare coursing has been taking place on their lands.

    Farmers have been highlighting increasing issues with illegal hare coursing and often report feeling powerless when faced with groups of men hunting with dogs.

    Farmers are advised to contact gardaí immediately if they witness trespassers on their property.

    Cllr. O’Brien the biggest problem is that prosecution isn’t taking place when cases are brought before the courts.

    He feels this time of year in particular is crucial for farmers and says the farming community in South Mayo, want immediate action.

  • A 3-year delay in approving planning permission for a house in south Mayo has been criticised by a local councillor.

    At this week's meeting of the Claremorris / Swinford Municipal District, FG Councillor Patsy O'Brien proposed a part 8 planning for a four-bed house in a rural area, but says it's unfortunate the hoops and obstacles that people have to go through to secure planning in rural parts of the county.

  • Upgrade works has been granted for the South Mayo Village of Glencorrib.

    Local Fine Gael Cllr. Patsy O'Brien says this is in addition to an investment of €50,000 last year by Minister Michael Ring's Department for walkways in the village.

    Twelve new lights will be installed in the village as well as in conjunction with the ESB, new ducting will be put underground.

    Cllr. O'Brien says things are moving in Glencorrib and the initial work is expected to commence shortly.

  • Work is due to start in the next few weeks on the junction in Garrymore, close to the GAA pitch.

    That has been confirmed to local Fine Gael Cllr Patsy O’Brien.

    Cllr O’Brien says the work will get underway shortly, as design has been finalised and the local authority will also use its own arctic truck on a trial run to ensure the road is wide enough to accommodate such a vehicle.