Cllr Michael Loftus

  • €1.7m in funding has been allocated for an extension at St Tiernan’s College in Crossmolina.

    The funding will be used to construct 5 classrooms at the school.

    The classrooms will replace a number of prefab buildings that are in the school at present.

    The funding has been welcomed by local Fianna Fail Cllr Michael Loftus.

    Cllr Loftus says the school is 60 years old and this building work will make a huge difference to the 235 students and 22 teachers in the school.

  • There were 109 reported incidents of dog-fouling from the Ice House to the Quay area of Ballina on one particular day last week.

    The issue was raised at yesterday’s Ballina Municipal District meeting by Crossmolina based Fianna Fail Cllr Michael Loftus.

    Cllr Loftus said there were 109 incidents reported to him on one day last week.

    He says it is not a problem unique to Ballina but it is a serious issue.

    There is a fine of up to €3,000 for incidents of dog-fouling and Mayo County Council has committed to enforcing this law very strictly.

  • The new Enterprise Centre in Crossmolina is a credit to the town.

    That’s the view of local Fianna Fail Cllr. Michael Loftus who says the building is in the town since the 1800’s and over the years has had many uses.

    In 2014, a group in the town came together to improve the facility for the benefit of the town.

    On Friday the Centre staged a meeting with Minister Kevin Boxer Moran and is capable of hosting up to 150 people.

    Cllr. Loftus says they have big plans for the facility going forward.

    Siobhan Gough is the Manager of the Enterprise Centre in Crossmolina and gave more details about the new civic centre which opened officially in March this year.

    The centre is attached to the enterprise building and is located right in the heart of Crossmolina.

  • Coillte must pay for the damage it does to roads in county Mayo when harvesting its forestries.  If it fails to do so then, elected councillors are calling on Mayo county Council to object to any planning that the state forestry company seeks for planting or felling in the county.

    That was the message from councillors who questioned Coillte representative Colm O’Dwyer who attended the recent  monthly meeting of Mayo county council.

    Coillte owns 41,000 hectares of land in county Mayo, and councillors spoke of the extensive damage the company’s lorries and machinery have caused on roads in the region.

    Crossmolina based Fianna Fail councillor Michael Loftus highlighted what has happened outside Crossmolina, where he estimates 200,000 euro in damage has been caused by Coillte  to the road at Shanvolahan forest.

    All councillors contributed to the extensive debate, describing various areas of the county and alleging that Coillte’s activities along rural routes is causing damage and destruction.

    Councillor Michael Loftus has been speaking to Midwest News more about the problems.


  • The modular unit, which was promised two years ago to relieve overcrowding at Mayo University Hospital's Emergency Department, will still not be in place this Winter.

    The Health Minister announced the measure in 2016 to help tackle overcrowding, but it has now emerged that planning permission has not yet been sought for a modular unit at the Castlebar hospital.

    Fianna Fail Councillor Michael Loftus says it's a disgrace that, as we head into another Winter, the facility is not yet available.

    Councillor Loftus attempted to raise the matter at this week's meeting of the HSE Regional Forum, but told Midwest News he was unsuccessful in doing so.

    He says it's unfair on the people of Mayo that the promised modular unit has not yet been put in place.

  • The ongoing problem of extensive dog fouling around Lough Lannagh in Castlebar was raised again at the monthly meeting of Castlebar Municipal District by the Cathaoirleach of the authority, Independent Councillor Michael Kilcoyne.

    The Cathaoirleach says it astounds him that this level of littering can take place and yet there is not a single prosecution or fine on any dog owner for allowing their dog to it.

    He asked if the dog wardens ever patrol the area.

    In response, Director of Services John McHale said two dog wardens patrol it.

    The Cathaoirleach say with the proliferation of dog fouling around the lake, maybe the dog wardens would need to visit Specsavers before they head up there again.

  • Met Eireann says its monitoring the level of rainfall expected over the coming days amid fears of flooding.

    Farmers along the River Shannon are concerned following storms Ciara and Dennis.

    A yellow rainfall warning is in place for Connacht, Donegal, Longford, Clare and Tipperary.

    Meanwhile, residents in Crossmolina are keeping a close eye on the levels of the River Deel.

    Cathaoirleach of the Ballina Municipal District Cllr. Michael Loftus says luckily there is no immediate threat of flooding in Crossmolina, however he is disappointed in the delay of approving a bypass for the River Deel.

  • A trial run, transporting 50 metre wide blades, through the town of Crossmolina was successfully carried out at the start of this week (Monday last)  by the developers of the Oweninney Wind Farm in north Mayo.

    Construction of the enormous development gets underway between now and Christmas and in excess of 60 lorries a day are expected to be travelling through Crossmolina during the construction stage.

    Local Fianna Fail Councillor Michael Loftus says there will be extensive disruption through the town for some months, and he told Midwest Radio News Editor Teresa O’Malley that it’s important that the public remain informed.