Cllr John O'Hara

  • Anyone hoping to spend a penney to use a public toilet in Ballina has a long wait.
    The Director of Services for MCC Tom Gilligan told councillors in the BMD area yesterday that a public toilet on a street in the town does not make economic sense, due to the cost of the facility and would not bring an extra tourist to Ballina.

    FG Cllr John O’Hara disagrees- and argued that it’s a basic facility for people doing their shopping in the town.

    He asked at least for signs to be erected at public buildings in the town indicating toilet facilities, if available.

    Afterwards Cllr O'Hara told Midwest News the response by the council is not good enough.

  • A Ballina area councillor is calling on the developers of the Oweninny windfarm in north Mayo to provide funding for a new pedestrian crossing at Ardnaree in Ballina.

    The current pedestrian crossing in Ardnaree is not working, according to local FG Councillor John O'Hara who claims drivers are ignoring the flashing lights, and he fears a serious accident will occur unless the crossing is replaced with a push-button pedestrian crossing.

    Councillor O'Hara says that, with the Oweninny windfarm developers using this road four night per week from midnight, they should finance the pedestrian crossing as a community gesture.

  • A local Fine Gael Councillor has voiced his frustration at unfinished housing estates in Ballina.

    John O'Hara says people have paid a lot of money for these houses and they deserve to have lighting working, good road into the estate and the sewerage is running.

    Cllr. O'Hara says he feels sorry for the Tidy Town Committee who are pushing hard for National Awards but are being held back by unfinished estates.

  • Drainage works will get underway in the Childers Heights area of Ballina in the next 2-3 weeks.

    That’s according to local Fine Gael Cllr John O’Hara.

    Cllr O’Hara says this is good news for those who live in the area, as there had been a problem with flooding on one side of the estate.

    He says this work will alleviate the problem and a total of €10,000 is being made available to spend on the project.

  • A Fine Gael Cllr. has again sought clarification into what’s happening on the N26 Ballina to Swinford road as well as the orbital route around Ballina.

    Cllr. John O’Hara says he received positive news that there will be a presentation early in the New Year at Ballina Municipal District meeting.

    Cllr. O’Hara says this is badly needed as there has been serious traffic disruption in the town over the last number of weeks.

    He says progress will also be made in the third quarter of next year in preparing a route connecting Ballina with the N5 at Bohola.

  • Five social houses are due to be completed in Bonniconlon by March 2020.

    Furthermore, the local authority also acquired two houses in an estate in Bonniconlon, which will be completed in the next month.

    The news was confirmed this week and has been welcomed by local Fine Gael Cllr John O’Hara.

  • Line painting works will be carried out in the Bohernasup area of Ballina in the coming weeks.

    Works were carried out by Irish Water in the area recently and local Councillor John O’Hara was in touch with Mayo County Council to repaint the lines on the roads there.

    Cllr O’Hara says since the works were carried out and the lines taken up, people were parking on both sides on the street.

    He says he has been informed that works to reline the road will get underway in the coming week.

  • The need for Councillors to all sing from the same hymn sheet, to ensure that the N26 road out of Ballina and the proposed new orbital route around the town are both prioritised by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) was highlighted by Fine Gael Councillor John O’Hara at the monthly meeting of Ballina Municipal District.

    Councillor O’Hara claimed that the N26 road from Mount Falcon to Foxford urgently requires significant upgrading in light of recent collisions and he says if traffic flow around the town of Ballina is not improved then the town will lose out on local business.

    At a recent meeting between the TII and members of Mayo County Council Roads SPC, Councillors were informed that it could be at least a decade before the long promised N26 route, from Mount Falcon to Swinford reaches the government’s capital programme.

    Cllr O’Hara insists that it’s up to Ballina Councillors working in unison to put pressure on the government and the TII to re-prioritise roads in and around Ballina.