Cllr Damien Ryan

  • A number of roads out of The Neale and in the surrounding areas are closed today, due to a dramatic rise in water levels over the weekend.

    Roads from The Neale to Clonbur, Kilmaine, Ballinrobe and Lough Mask have all been affected.

    The Neale to Kilmaine road, the R334, has been closed since Friday with local diversions in place.

    A number of houses across the South Mayo region have been marooned by floodwaters and Mayo County Council crews worked over the weekend, providing sandbags and pumps on a case by case basis.

    Fianna Fail Councillor Damien Ryan told Midwest Radio’s John Morley about the impact on roads in the area

  • Ambulance cover in south Mayo is set to improve, as an ambulance will be deployed to alternate between the Primary Care Centres in Ballinrobe and Claremorris.

    That's according to Ballinrobe-based Fianna Fail Councillor Damien Ryan, who raised the matter again at a recent meeting of the HSE Regional Forum.

    Councillor Ryan outlined what he calls the "deplorable" waiting times for ambulances in the south of the county, where often it can take an hour for an ambulance to respond to an emergency call.

    Speaking with Midwest News, he said he has now received assurances from the ambulance service that an ambulance will be deployed to the area, to help improve response times.

  • A Ballinrobe Councillor is calling for Transport Infrastructure Ireland to look favourably on paperwork sent to them in relation to the footpath on the N84 on the Kilmaine road out of the town.

    Fianna Fail Cllr. Damien Ryan says TII can no longer stand idly by where this section of footpath is left incomplete.

    Cllr. Ryan says the design engineers have all the necessary work done and he is now publicly calling on the TII to make the funding available to complete the work.

  • A Ballinrobe Cllr has called for any proposed traffic alleviation measures for Ballinrobe to be implemented as soon as possible.

    A report is being carried out at present to look at the traffic congestion in the town and come up with possible solutions.

    Funding has granted by TII to carry out works to alleviate traffic congestion in Ballinrobe.

    Local Fianna Fail Cllr Damien Ryan says he is happy that progress is being made but he wants no delay to the report being completed or the proposed works being carried out.

    He says the situation cannot be let continue as it is, because of the problems the congestion causes but also because he is worried that if an emergency vehicle had to get through the town at a very busy time, it would not be able to do so.

  • A bench in memory of the late Corporal Fintan Heneghan will be unveiled in his native Ballinrobe on Friday March 15th ahead of the 30th anniversary of his death.

    Corporal Fintan Heneghan died alongside Private Mannix Armstrong and Private Thomas Walsh on March 21, 1989 while serving with the 64th Infantry Battalion of the United Nations’ Interim Force in the Lebanon.

    They were killed when a landmine detonated in the ‘Green Rooms’ area of Lebanon, on a track that was not frequently used by peacekeeping personnel there.

    Local Fianna Fail Cllr Damien Ryan confirmed at this week’s Claremorris Municipal District meeting that the bench would be unveiled on Friday week at 2.30pm during the special ceremony in the town, which will be attended by the Defence Forces and various dignitaries.

  • A Ballinrobe native, who died while on peacekeeping duty in the Lebanon, should be officially remembered on the 30th anniversary of his death.

    That’s according to Fianna Fail Cllr Damien Ryan.

    Corporal Fintan Heneghan died alongside Private Mannix Armstrong and Private Thomas Walsh on March 21, 1989 while serving with the 64th Infantry Battalion of the United Nations’ Interim Force in the Lebanon.

    They were killed when a landmine detonated in the ‘Green Rooms’ area of Lebanon, on a track that was not frequently used by peacekeeping personnel there.

    Cllr Ryan was speaking at yesterday’s monthly meeting of Claremorris Municipal District and said it would be only fitting that the local authority architects design a memorial to be placed in Ballinrobe and to plan a ceremony to mark the 30th anniversary of Corporal Heneghan’s death.

  • A south Mayo councillor has called for a representative of the Office of Public Works to come before the next meeting of the Claremorris / Swinford Municipal District of Mayo County Council to outline their plans for flood allevation measures at The Neale crossroads.

    Fianna Fail Councillor Damien Ryan said what was expected to be a "one in one hundred years event" has in fact occurred in 2006, 2009, 2015/16 and now in 2020, and he said the recurring flooding at the Neale crossroads, cannot continue.

    He outlined that the current flooding has meant for him personally a 40 km round trip twice each day to bring children to school, and is causing huge inconvenience for local residents and businesses.

    Consultants have been appointed to produce a report on the best way of tackling the issue, and Councillor Ryan said this work needs to be fast-tracked.

    His proposal that a representative of the OPW come before the next meeting of the municipal district to outline the timetable for works in the Neale area was seconded by Councillor Michael Burke.

  • The South Mayo area is in the grip of a "drug epidemic" according to a local Fianna Fail Councillor.

    The issue was discussed on Friday at a meeting of the Mayo Joint Policing Committee.

    Chief Superintendent of the Mayo Garda Division Pat Diskin told the JPC meeting that the number of drug offences detected by Gardai in Mayo has increased significantly over the past year.

    He said there were 240 detections for drug offences last year - including 51 detections for sale & supply of drugs - an increase of 122% on the previous.

    Drug cultivation offences increased by 25% last year.

    Ballinrobe-based Councillor Damien Ryan expressed concern about drug-dealing in the south Mayo area, due to its proximity to Galway city.

    Councillor Ryan said local teachers have brought the issue to his attention, and he called on Gardai to implement a pilot scheme to tackle drug use in the area - which would include increased surveillance and undercover activity.

  • Farmers are continuing to protest outside Dawn Meats in Ballyhaunis this morning.

    The Oireachtas Joint Committee on Agriculture, Food and the Marine has agreed to invite Minister Michael Creed and Michael Dowling, the independent talks chairman, to a meeting of the committee to discuss the dispute.

    The committee has also called for the resumption of talks between the parties, without preconditions, to be reinstated as quickly as possible.

    The committee said the talks must include retailers.

    Ballinrobe based Fianna Fail Councillor Damien Ryan says consultation is the only way forward to solve this dispute.

    Cllr. Ryan say there is too much regulation and bureaucracy in place in the beef sector.

  • A Fianna Fail Councillor has described as significant funding for two road projects in the South Mayo area.

    €100,000 has been allocated for design money for the R332 Kilmaine to Foxhall road and €100,000 has also been allocated for the Cong bypass.

    Councillor Damien Ryan says both of these projects are vital pieces of infrastructure for the South Mayo area.

    Cllr. Ryan says he is delighted to see both of these are now priorities

  • A Claremorris Municipal District Councillor has called on Mayo County Council to identify a scheme of local roads that could be included in a pilot project for more substantial road resurfacing.

    Fianna Fail Cllr Damien Ryan made the call at the monthly meeting of Claremorris Municipal District.

    He says that at present a wet mix and a macadam is being applied to national and regional roads, as opposed to tar and chips.

    He says this is a longer last mix on roads and it’s something that should be considered for local roads.

    Cllr Ryan says while it does cost more to apply, there wouldn’t be a need for as much road maintenance afterwards, so the cost would balance out. 

  • A survey has been conducted by a consultant group looking at the traffic chaos in the town of Ballinrobe. Local Fianna Fail Cllr Damien Ryan says he has raised the matter on numerous occasions and is pleased that the survey will be presented to Councillors before December 1st. 

    Cllr Ryan says he has asked that the recommendations be looked at on a phased basis, instead of introducing the changes all at once. 


  • Work on the Bowers Walk in Ballinrobe will commence shortly as the official tender will be awarded very soon. 

    This news has been confirmed by local Fianna Fail Cllr Damien Ryan. 

    This work involves the enhancement of the walkway right through from one end to the other.

    Cllr Ryan says this is an issue he has been working on for some time.