• An Post says it was their busiest ever Christmas for parcel deliveries.

    Volumes were up by 50 percent compared to last year, with over 1 hundred thousand parcels delivered each day.

    The rise in online shopping played a major part, according to the company.

  • Clean Coasts and Irish Water have launched their “Think Before You Pour” Christmas campaign to raise awareness of the damage caused by pouring fats, oils and greases from the roast turkey Christmas dinner down the kitchen sink.

    Fats, oils and greases may seem like liquid when poured but once they reach the pipes they cool and can cause blockages in the sewer pipes in homes, businesses, the public sewer network, wastewater treatment plants and ultimately damage the environment.

    Anthony Skeffington of Irish Water says so far this year Irish Water have cleared more than 6,000 blockages from the sewer network across the country and says many of these were avoidable.