Beef Forum

  • Protests by farmers are continuing outside Dawn Meats in Ballyhaunis this morning with no sign of being called off, despite any demand by Meat Industry Ireland for pickets to be called off outside meat factories nationally if it’s members are to take part in any talks to resolve the beef crisis.

    The Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed expressed disappointment yesterday at developments in relation to the beef dispute and again urged the parties to engage in a positive way to resolve the current impasse. 

    He says he has made the chairman of the reconvened beef talks available to all parties with a view to determining a basis to get the parties back to the table.

    The Minister says that he can “certainly understand farmer frustration at market conditions that see many producing beef at a significant loss” but, he insists “the closure of meat plants is in nobody’s best interests”.   

    He has repeated his request that all stakeholders “consider their positions carefully now, and take a step back from action that has the potential to be damaging for the sector as a whole, in order to allow space for meaningful talks to take place.”   

    Speaking to Midwest News this morning protesters outside Dawn Meats insisted they will not be stepping down their action, but rather are determined to stay out until Christmas if that's what it takes to secure what they consider a fair price for their product from the factories.



  • The Irish Farmers Association has decided to protest outside today's Beef Forum meeting, rather than participating in the forum.

    Galway-based IFA President Joe Healy says his organisation has tried to constructively engage over the past few years at the Beef Forum, which is presided over by Agriculture Minister Michael Creed, but claims nothing has been delivered for farmers in the livestock sector.

    The IFA claims the Minister has failed to tackle the beef factories over the loss-making prices on offer to farmers, and says the Government must deliver for the sector in next week's Budget.