• A survey has been conducted by a consultant group looking at the traffic chaos in the town of Ballinrobe. Local Fianna Fail Cllr Damien Ryan says he has raised the matter on numerous occasions and is pleased that the survey will be presented to Councillors before December 1st. 

    Cllr Ryan says he has asked that the recommendations be looked at on a phased basis, instead of introducing the changes all at once. 


  • It’s difficult to understand how anyone designed the pedestrian crossing in Ballinrobe town centre, located where three roads meet. That was the view expressed by local Fine Gael councillor Michael Burke at the monthly Claremorris/ Swinford Municipal District meeting.

    The councillor says the crossing, without traffic lights, is potentially dangerous and puts lives at risk, however, it now looks set to be changed with a new traffic management plan for Ballinrobe.

    Councillor Burke has been outlining his concern to Midwest News.

  • The trial of a man, alleged to have intimidated a woman into getting married to a stranger, collapsed on its opening day yesterday.

    31-year old Yasir Ali of Lighthouse Apartments, East Wall, Dublin, had pleaded not guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to coercion in apartments in Ballinrobe and Hollymount in Co. Mayo, on a date between January 1, 2015 and July 7, 2015.

    Judge Patricia Ryan discharged the jury on the afternoon of the trial's opening day, after the barrister for the State received instructions to end the prosecution.

    At the beginning of the trial, counsel Maurice Coffey told the jury that the prosecution's case was not that Mr Ali was the “brains of the operation”, but that he played an important part in intimidating the complainant.

    The court heard from Gabriele Bielyjyte, who said she came to Ireland from Lithuania in 2015 after a man promised her she could work in his takeaway.

    She said the man took away her birth certificate and national identification card, and she lived in an apartment he took her to, with other girls from Lithuania.

    She said that Mr Ali would visit the apartment in the evenings and bring her food.

    She was told by Mr Ali and the other man that she was not allowed to leave the apartment because they did not want the neighbours to see her.

    The victim said that, after a few weeks living in Ireland, the man who brought her to this country said there was a person she had never met who wanted to get married and that he would pay her to marry this stranger. She said she was “confused and shocked” and that she “cried a lot”.

    Yesterday afternoon, Judge Ryan discharged the jury in the case, after Mr Coffey told the judge that he had received instructions from the DPP's office to enter a nolle prosequi which meant the case would not be going ahead.

  • Galway women's football club won the u17 Women's national League cup final yesterday.


    It finished 2-1 in a tight affair with Mayo girls Annie Gough and Abbiegayle Ronayne being part of matchday team and Hana Ueno (sub) and Kelsey Munroe u19 duty being involved.


    The match was a very tense contest between 2 great footballing sides but Galway edged ahead of Peamont United in the 12th minute of the 2nd half and had to work hard right up to the final whistle to protect that lead.


    With former Ballinrobe Town Football Club player and Irishtown native Abbiegayle Ronayne between the posts and Crossmolinas Annie Gough in the backs, Galway took their first National title.


    Coach Phillip Trill said he was very proud of the girls. He acknowledged the contribution and work of the Mayo clubs and coaches that helped bring his team national success yesterday.

  • Two men have been arrested in Ballyhaunis after a stolen car was recovered and a significant amount of counterfeit €20 notes seized.

    This follows on from a substantial amount of fake €20 notes passed through a number of business premises in Ballinrobe and Ballyhaunis since last Sunday.

    Sergeant Tony Cosgrove Mayo Crime Prevention Officer is urging everyone especially the business community to be vigilant as there may be more of these notes in circulation. 

    It is important to check notes for all the security features and business people should use electronic note checkers where possible. 

    Sergeant Cosgrove is urging the public to be wary of someone buying an item for say €1 and paying with a €20 note. 

    Gardai are also asking business owners not to change €20 notes into other notes especially for strangers.

  • There is an urgent need for an additional lane, on the N84 road, out of Ballinrobe, to assist traffic entering and exiting McHales, one of the county’s largest exporters.

    According to local Fine Gael councillor Michael Burke, the company paid development levies to have an additional lane installed when it secured planning permission for its facility, on the Castlebar road out of the town, but to date, it has not been provided.

    He raised the issue at the monthly meeting of Claremorris/ Swinford Municipal District highlighting the urgency in providing the turn off lane in light of the volume of traffic in and out of the site.

    With road enhancement works underway in the area at present, he asked that the lane be put in place.

  • Work on the Bowers Walk in Ballinrobe will commence shortly as the official tender will be awarded very soon. 

    This news has been confirmed by local Fianna Fail Cllr Damien Ryan. 

    This work involves the enhancement of the walkway right through from one end to the other.

    Cllr Ryan says this is an issue he has been working on for some time.