Alzheimer's Day Centre Castlebar

  • The Alzheimer’s Day Care Centre in Castlebar will remain a five day per week service and the transport service from other parts of the county to the centre will be retained.

    That has been confirmed this evening by the Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland to Mayo Fianna Fail Deputy Dara Calleary this evening.

    Funding shortfalls meant that there was a proposal to reduce the centre to a three day per week service and cut the transport services to it.

    However following negotiations between the HSE and the Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland, that threat has been lifted.

  • A new premises is being sought in Castlebar for the Alzheimers Day Care Centre.

    Currently, the day care centre operates 5 days per week from a rented house at Gladesville in Castlebar, but the lease is up next March, and a suitable building is now being sought to continue the service.

    Two nurse managers from the day care centre  - Clara Kinsella and Mary Rowland - addressed Castlebar Municipal District Councillors at their monthly meeting yesterday in relation to their search for a suitable ground-floor premises, with access for people with disabilities.