• Members of the business community in Ballina are seeking a meeting with local elected councillors to outline their frustration with elected councillors’ failure to listen and take on the concerns of businesses in the town, as a new speed limit of 80km per hour is set to be introduced on the N58 main Foxford to Ballyvary road.

    That’s according to the President of Ballina Chamber of Commerce Hugh Rouse.

    Mr Rouse told Midwest News this morning that at last month’s meeting of Ballina Municipal District some councillors appeared to question the authenticity of the one thousand signatures secured by Ballina businesses - objecting to the TII decision to reduce the speed limit along this stretch of road that links Ballina to Castlebar.

    The business group had asked councillors to seek a meeting between themselves and the TII to outline in detail business concerns about the reduction to the speed limit proposed.

    Councillors voted not to seek such a meeting between both sides.

    Mr Rouse, who declined to go on air this morning, told Midwest News that Ballina Chamber is the third largest chamber in Connaught and he said it appears that local councillors are not listening to its concerns.

    He added that multinationals and local businesses in Ballina are all concerned about the impact on business if the speed limits are, as planned, reduced from  100km per hour to 80km per hour, along the Foxford to Ballyvary road.

  • New 80km per hour signage will be erected by next month on the N58 Foxford to Ballyvary road and along the N26 at Cloonguillane bridge, despite the ongoing controversy about the reduction in the speed limit proposed by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) along these busy routes.

    That was confirmed this week by the CEO of Mayo County Council Peter Hynes at the monthly meeting of Mayo County Council.

    Councillors again raised their opposition to a request by Ballina Chamber of Commerce and some businesses in Ballina to go back to the TII and ask it not to go ahead with the reduced speed limits, arguing that the reduction will hit commercial activity in Ballina.

    Foxford based Fine Gael Councillor Neil Cruise had expressed his astonishment recently when it was revealed by council management that the contract for the new signage was not yet signed by TII, yet it imposed the new speed limits on the 3rd of last month (September).

    Speaking to Midwest News Councillor Cruise said he is delighted that progress on the signing of the contract is now being made and he said the reduced speed limits will enhance road safety for residents along the busy route that connects Ballina to Castlebar.