A surgical robot is currently being used by consultant urologists at Galway University Hosptial, and the HSE has confirmed that, so far this year, 60 men have had their prostate surgery undertaken by urologists at the hospital using this new technology.

Robotic surgery is the most advanced form of minimally-invasive surgery available to patients, and consultant urologists say it reduces the length of time patients must spend in hospital for prostate surgery.

It also means there's less scarring and post-operative pain, which allows patients to resume their daily activities sooner, with less need for pain-relief medication.

The robot was installed at University Hospital Galway in June.

A donation of €350,000 was received towards the cost of the equipment from Cancer Care West.

Galway University Hospital treats more men for prostate cancer than any other single cancer treatment centre, and the hospital expects to treat up to 150 men using the robotic surgery in the coming year.


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