"Our Lord would be confused if he followed the speed limit signs along a 300 metre stretch of the N60 road travelling into Balla, from the Claremorris side" - that’s the view of Castlebar based independent councillor Michael Kilcoyne.

He raised the matter at this week’s monthly meeting of Castlebar Municipal District and called on council management to immediately address the ridiculous situation.

Travelling along this short stretch of road the motorist travelling in 100km speed limit zone is first faced with an 80km speed limit sign, a moment later the speed limit sign reads 100km and literally go around a bend and it reduces to 50km.

This is the entrance to Balla from the now well-known Arboley junction.

Arboley junction made national headlines last year – as the community took to the streets to insist that the TII reduce the speed limit on the entrance to the town, due to numerous collisions – with motorists entering the town too quickly and failing to take the turn.

It was eventually agreed to push the 80km speed limit further out the Claremorris road, and to reduce the speed limit to 50 as you enter the town.

So that would mean motorists would be travelling along the N60 from Claremorris , and would be reduced to 80 km about a km outside Balla and then on entrance to the town go down to 50km.

The problem appears to be that new signs were erected but the old 100km sign in between the 80 and 50km signs was not taken down - and this has been the situation for weeks now.


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