Residents of a private housing estate outside Swinford, just off the N5, are without public lighting in their estate for almost ten years now.

The poles for lighting are in place, but residents are left in darkness as there is no connection to the supply.

The developer of the 4-house Carrowberry estate on the Kiltimagh road, Swinford appears to have gone out of business and despite resident’s attempts to contact him they have failed to get a response.

Since the last house was completed in 2010, residents have experienced a variety of problems as the estate remains unfinished.

The say they have been unable to contact the developer, and despite contacting Mayo County council, having formed a resident committee and seeking the local authority to take the estate in charge two years ago, they are not experiencing any joy in getting a response to that request.

Mayo County Council has confirmed to residents that it secured a bond from the developer. The residents now want answers as to how it is being spent and are concerned at the lack of public lighting in an estate with children. They argue that it makes no sense for them as householders to continue paying local property taxes when their estate is without the basic infrastructure of public lighting.

Midwest News has contacted Mayo Co Council and a spokesperson for the authority said they are looking into the matter and will come back with a response.



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