A new TG4 documentary being broadcast tomorrow night will tell the story of Mayo native Frank Stagg - who died in hunger strike in Wakefield Prison in the UK in 1976 - and the bizzare events surrounding his funeral in Ballina.

A native of Hollymount in Co Mayo, Frank Stagg was arrested in the UK in 1973 and sentenced to 10 years in prison for allegedly planning bombing activities in Coventry.

He died in 1976 at the age of 35 while on hunger strike at Wakefield Prison, and his wish was to be buried in the Republican plot in Leigue Cemetery, Ballina - alongside fellow Mayo hunger striker Michael Gaughan who died two years earlier.

However, the State ordered that the plane carrying Frank Stagg's body from London to Dublin be diverted to Shannon, and was then taken by helicopter to Ballina to avoid a military-style funeral.

Frank's brother George and his sister Martha give first-hand evidence in this documentary about the extraordinary events surrounding their brother's funeral, and George recounts how he eventually dug up his brother's body from under a wall of concrete and had him reinterred in the Republican plot.

The documentary is episode 4 of Finné - a new series commissioned by TG4 - and will be aired at 9.30 tomorrow night.

We'll hear from the producer / director on Evening Edition this evening....




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