Irish-American businessman and billionaire Edward F Crawford is being put forward for approval at Cabinet today as Washington’s next ambassador to Ireland.

The 80-year-old Republican from Cleveland, Ohio was honoured with the title of Mayo Person of the Year in Cleveland, Ohio, in 2014.

His connection to Mayo is not direct, it’s more to the Mayo association in Cleveland. Back in 2014 because of his long association with the Association and his work for Irish causes, the Cleveland Association actually changed its own rules and honoured him as the Mayo Person of the Year in Cleveland– despite not having any direct ancestry to the county.

The President of the Mayo Association in Cleveland is Gerry Quinn of Cloghans, Knockmore, county Mayo and he told Midwest News today that Mr Crawford “ won’t be sitting in an office in Dublin as the ambassador he will work hard and travel extensively across the country”. He said the Association in Cleveland is thrilled and delighted with today’s developments.

The US embassy in Dublin has been without an ambassador since Kevin O’Malley, Barack Obama’s envoy to Ireland, stepped down with the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

According to today's Irish Times, Mr Crawford looks set to be officially named by the White House as Mr Trump’s nominee as ambassador to Ireland once signed off by Cabinet this afternoon - a formality in the appointment of foreign ambassadors.

However, he must then be approved through the US Congress with a vote by the Senate foreign relations committee and then the Senate itself before he can be formally sworn in as ambassador by the Trump administration.

The Ohio businessman is a political appointee of the White House and so is likely to face tougher scrutiny from Democrats in the politically charged atmosphere in Washington around appointments.


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