Dog owners in the Mayo/Galway area are being warned to keep their dogs safe, following reports that a number of dogs have been poisoned and died due to alga scum.

Some algae can develop on the surface of ponds and lakes can produce toxins that can be fatal to dogs.

The blue-green algae can sometimes wash-up or accumulate on shorelines and in humans can cause skin rashes and illnesses.

According to The, the algae is more common during the calm summer weather and following the deaths of a number of dogs in the Mayo/Galway region, investigations were carried out into whether algae was to blame.

It is understood that autopsies carried out on the dogs were inconclusive in determining whether algae was to blame for the harm to dogs.

The EPA has said the algae can pose a danger to animals and pointed to a previously confirmed incident when a dog died in 2016 from eating algae.

Dog owners are being advised to take a number of precautions – if dogs encounter algae, hose them down to prevent them from cleaning their coats, feed and water a dog before a trip to a lake to reduce the chance of consuming algae, toxins in the algae are fast acting, so if a dog encounters an accumulation, owners are being told to inform a vet as soon as possible and when presenting to a vet, photos of the algae are useful as are notes of the dog’s activities.


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