Mayo County Council is urging those travelling to Knock Shrine on Sunday week next, for the Pope's visit, to follow the Ten Commandments of Road Safety.

45,000 people are expected to gather at the Marian Shrine in Knock on Sunday 26th August for the visit of Pope Francis.

Pilgrims are being urged to use public transport to travel to the event, or - if this is not feasible - to share cars with friends or neighbours.

Mayo Road Safety Officer Noel Gibbons says, due to the early start that morning, those driving to Knock will be on the road before daybreak so should ensure that their lights are working and properly adjusted, and that the driver's body clock is adjusted, which might mean a quick coffee break to keep themselves alert on the road.

The ten commandments of road safety include not exceeding the speed limit, not drinking & driving, not using mobile phones, wearing seatbelts, taking safety breaks every two hours, being courteous towards other road users, remembering to signal, maintaining a 2-second following distance, being mindful of pedestrians and cyclists,  and honouring the traffic laws.

Gardai are reminding pilgrims that Knock village will be closed to traffic from 6pm the previous evening, while the N17 between Charlestown and Claremorris will be closed from midnight Saturday night till at least 3pm Sunday.




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