Westport’s Leeson Enterprise Centre is to be enabled with a 1 Gigabit broadband connection provided by Westnet and powered by SIRO.

As a result, the Leeson Enterprise Centre, which was officially opened by Minister for Rural and Community Development Michael Ring last week will have access to the same level of broadband connectivity that is typically only available to international companies in cities like Hong Kong or Tokyo.

The Leeson Enterprise Centre is an innovation hub designed to help local entrepreneurs and start-ups in Mayo succeed, with a range of facilities such as hot desks, co-working office space, private office space and meeting room facilities.

 SIRO’s Gigabit connectivity, which is three times as powerful as the market leading service in Dublin and 10 times as powerful as the market leading service in rural Ireland, will help firms based in the Leeson Enterprise Centre to benefit from the best broadband network in Ireland and face no restrictions due to poor connectivity when selling their products and services online or using services like video conferencing to communicate with their customers.

Westnet is a Mayo based broadband provider and is one of SIRO’s retail partners.

Westnet CEO and founder Paul Kinnane told Midwest News todayabout the value of this level of connectivity.


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