The Chief Executive of Mayo county Council Peter Hynes says he is hopeful that the complications preventing the monies being paid out to voluntary groups across the county under GMA funding, may resolved before the June monthly meeting of Mayo County Council.

The withholding of payments to the voluntary groups of monies allocated by elected councillors ,has been causing extensive controversy.

The groups impacted include festival committees, tidy town groups and residents associations among others.

Elected councillors were advised by council management last month that the GMA fund was being withheld until they could resolve the shortfall in income from car parking charges that had been agreed by councillors in their 2018 budget.

At yesterday’s monthly meeting of Mayo County council Fine Gael councillor John Cribben called on the Chief Executive to immediately pay out the funds allocated to the voluntary groups, who he argued need the monies now.

Mr Hynes explained that there are complications in the paying out of the fund but he said he is engaging in discussions with the Municipal Districts Managers and he is confident that the issues will be resolved before the next monthly meeting of the council.

Claremorris councillor Tom Connolly said he was not prepared to see any increase in car parking charges in the Claremorris Municipal District to compensate for the failure of West Mayo councillors introducing street car parking charges in Westport.

“We won’t subsidise Westport”, he insisted.


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