Residents in the Ard Rua private housing estate in Claremorris are ten years living in an unfinished estate, which has not yet been taken in charge by Mayo County Council.

Local councillors Tom Connolly and Richard Finn are calling on the council to resolve the situation once and for all.

They raised the matter at a recent meeting of the Claremorris Municipal District, where council official Padraig Flanagan said the estate, at present, appears to be 95% ready for the council to take it in charge.

A third developer has now become involved in the Ard Rua estate, and FG Councillor Tom Connolly is calling for a meeting on site to include the new developer, residents, council officials and elected councillors to view at first-hand the issues that are delaying the taking in charge of the estate by Mayo County Council.

Councillor Connolly told Midwest News that it’s past time the residents of this estate got closure on the matter, while Independent Claremorris councillor Richard Finn said he’s confident Mayo County Council is committed to taking over the Ard Rua estate.




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