A public meeting will be held in Lecanvey next Monday evening, amid threats from local landowners in Murrisk to close access to the commonage at Croagh Patrick this Summer, in a protest over water quality.

Thousands of pilgrims climb the Reek each year – including over 20,000 on Reek Sunday at the end of July.

It’s now emerged that a young child from Murrisk was recently admitted to Mayo University Hospital where she was diagnosed with e-coli and cryptosporidium.

The incident has served to highlight the seriousness of the water problem in the area, according to Chris Grady, Chairman of Murrisk Development Association.

Mr Grady has confirmed that “people with commonage rights have suggested blocking the pathway” to highlight the fact that the area is relying on water coming from streams on the mountain.

Mayo County Council has erected signs in the carpark at the base of Croagh Patrick advising that the water is not fit for human consumption.

Westport-based Independent Councillor Christy Hyland has highlighted the issue at a number of council meetings, and says it’s a disgrace that the water is unfit for purpose at a national pilgrimage site.

A public meeting will be held at 8pm next Monday night to discuss the issue and decide on what action to take.

Mayo County Council wants the Murrisk community to set up its own group water scheme, while the local community wants the public water system to be extended from Westport.


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