Galway East deputy, Sean Canney says he’s more disappointed than angry at the Independent Alliance group for not honouring a hand shake agreement on the rotation of the portfolio, of Minister for the OPW.

The Tuam based deputy and Kevin Boxer Moran flipped a coin when this coalition government was formed, to decide who would take on the position first and it was understood that it would rotate on a twelve month basis.

But the present position holder Minister Kevin Boxer Moran refused to hand it back as the third year of the coalition got underway last month.

Members of the Alliance backed Minister Moran staying on.

Sean Canney spent two week considering his position and this morning announced he is leaving the group.

He has also confirmed he'll continue to support the government in confidence and budgetary matters.

Speaking to Midwest News today deputy Canney explained why it took him two weeks to decide on this move.

 He said he did not want to react hastiliy, and preferred to confer with his supporters.

They met last night and agreed he would exit the group.

He says he was elected as an Independent and he believes he can now serve his constituents best as an Independent.

He says it is up to the Taoiseach now, if he is to retain his position as Assistant Government Whip.




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