Inclusion is what Killeen National School, outside Louisburgh is all about.

This Sunday, the extensively extended and refurbished school will be officially opened and the ribbon will be cut by Patrick McDoughall and Jason Heraty, two of the students in the Sunbeam class, a special class in the school for students with disabilities.

76,000 euro has been voluntarily raised for the construction, with many more fund raising drives being planned to fund the new facilities.

The 61 students in the school are now enjoying a wonderful new school environment, full of light and colour as a result of extensive fund raising and campaigning to establish a special classroom in the primary school, located on the shores of the Atlantic.

The Sunbeam classroom is a large classroom that is staffed and equipped for children with special needs. There is also a s new sensory room  - enjoyed by all students.

The main stream classes are integrated with the Sunbeam classroom and students are learning a specialised sign language to assist in communication among all.

Midwest News visited the school and met the principal Brid Grady, students ,teachers and some parents.



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