The former Chief Executive of the Road Safety Authority, Mayo man Noel Brett, says he briefed the then Transport Minister Leo Varadkar about rumours of sexual abuse surrounding Sgt Maurice McCabe. 

Mr Brett, a native of Castlebar, told the Disclosures Tribunal today that rumours were "doing the rounds that the whistleblower couldn't be trusted and had issues". 

He said they didn't come from any Garda source, that they were heard in a vague form around the civil service and media.

Mr. Brett also told Mr Varadkar that Maurice McCabe had reassured him there was nothing in it.

The tribunal also heard that the former RSA chief was told that Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan wanted to 'bury' the issue of Sgt Maurice McCabe.

He learned this from former garda press officer Superintendent David Taylor after he had been suspended from duty.



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