There is a major risk in sending cash in the post with birthday cards and there is something wrong with our postal service when this is the case. That’s the view of Castlebar based councillor Al McDonnell.

At Thursday’s monthly meeting of Castlebar Municipal District the councillor acknowledged that he was raising an issue not directly related to council business, but he said it was a matter of growing public concern when people were losing confidence in an essential service.

Councillor McDonnell presented to the meeting a Christmas card he had received from New York last December, where it was clearly visible that the bottom corner of the envelop had been slit open, most likely to search for any cash enclosed.

He said he had also been in houses in the area recently where people told him similar stories.

He called on Castlebar Municipal District to write to the Chief Executive of an Post to highlight the problem and ask for it to be investigated and addressed.

He told Midwest News the problem has come to the fore since the postal services have been centralised for sorting mail, and stressed that he was not pointing the finger at any local postal workers.

Midwest News contacted An Post today about the situation. A spokesperson said An Post always advises customers never to include cash in envelops. He added that to tamper with mail is a serious offence and carries heavy penalties.

He advised anyone who suspects that their mail has been tampered with to report their suspicions to An Post and it will be fully investigated.

He concluded that they will now await correspondence now from Castlebar Municipal District and respond accordingly.



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