The Hayes High School Marching Band  - a group of  more than 50  band members and organisers from Ohio in the USA,  are the star attraction at the third annual Lahardane Parade that gets underway in the village at 2pm  this Saturday, St Patrick’s Day.

The visitors arriving in Lahardane this week, are being given a huge welcome and are being  accommodated by local host families.

It’s  a unique and exciting occasion for a rural village and the excitement in the area is palpable – earlier this week Midwest news visited Lahardane and got a flavour of the 2018 St Patrick’s day festivities.

As soon as you hit the village, the posters, the signs, the flags and the banners are all flying high welcoming the US visitors.

The fifty strong teenagers that that make up the Hayes High School Marching Band will be arriving in Lahardane tomorrow (Friday), however two of the band leaders are already here.

They are Coleen Rushe and Julie Horvat , and they explained how a chance meeting in a county Kerry pub last year with a man from Lahardane had led to the band coming to Lahardane for the 2018 St Patrick’s day Parade.

That man was William Barrett and he and Ray Lynn are among the organisers of the Lahardane Parade. They told Midwest News that it takes a lot of work to organise any St Patrick’s day parade, and it really only works if the community is behind you. It is in Lahardane, with 25 families hosting the band and it’s leaders


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