Critics of the execution of the pro-choice campaign say they need to clarify what will happen if the Eighth Amendment is repealed.

A law lecturer at NUI Galway says they if they don't, they risk losing undecided voters to the pro-life side.

Larry Donnelly is warning that repeal campaigners have failed to outline why allowing abortion up to 12 weeks makes sense.

He says the pro-choice side need to make a solid case as to why they deserve the Irish public's vote:

Meanwhile ‘Together for Yes’ says women who travel a lonely journey to a clinic somewhere in the UK to have an abortion have no voice and are invisible.

The group is campaigning to remove the Eighth Amendment.

It says the difficulty of their personal experiences is compounded by the fact that what they're doing is unsupported and completely unregulated.

Together for Yes Co-Director Orla O'Connor says these women need to be remembered.

The Pro-Life Campaign's expressing delight that so many people turned out on the streets for yesterday's rally for life.

It says it shows a momentous show of strength for the Eighth Amendment.

The group says now's the time for politicians to stand up for the right to life.

Spokesperson Cora Sherlock says they should make their views known if they believe in the 8th Amendment.


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