The Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed has today announced the introduction of a Fodder Transport Support measure to provide additional assistance to livestock farmers in the West/North West most severely affected by the prolonged wet weather last autumn.

In many of these cases the inability to conserve fodder was compounded by the need to house livestock much earlier than normal owning to the very poor ground conditions.

Launching the measure the Minister acknowledged that a key issue to resolve was the cost of transporting fodder between those areas where it was plentiful and those where it was scarce.

A financial contribution is being provided to offset transport costs of Hay, Silage and Straw for feeding, where this involves a distance of more than 100km, to areas of the West and North West most affected.

Farmers, who have an identified fodder shortage, having completed a fodder budgeting exercise with their agricultural advisor, will be eligible to receive a financial contribution towards offsetting the costs of transport of fodder. This measure will provide a financial contribution of €8 and €12 per bale of standard fodder towards the additional cost of transporting it from the East and South of the country to the affected areas in the West and North West.

Farmers will still pay the cost of the fodder in the normal way. 


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