Simple Things In life


There are things in life that matter.

You should practice them every day.

For those are the things that’s important

As we journey on life’s way.


A smile ; A simple how are you?

Thanks; to those who help on you way.

Sorry; when you have broken the rules

Or ruined some other ones day.


A smile; adds a glow of warmth

On the coldest winter day.

Returning a smile with another

No need for a word to say.


How are you?.   We use as a greeting.

Very well  most people say.

But it opens the door for discussion.

For a problem they might have today.


Were inclined to take for granted.

The help we receive every day.

It warms the heart of the giver.

When a simple thank you we say


The last and most important

Find it hard to admit you re not right

If your’e in the wrong, say your sorry

For you will sleep a lot better that night.


    Seamus Hora



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