Last week we celebrated Poetry Day Ireland, and many of our listeners got in touch with poems of their own. One poem that struck a chord in particular with our listeners was this heartbreakingly brave poem by a young Mayo girl entitled "The Bullies". Below is the message we received from her sister and the poem itself. (Some groups to contact if you are being bullied or know someone who is being bullied are listed at the bottom of the page.)

This is a poem which was written by my 13 year old sister after suffering at the hands of a group of bullies almost all through her national school and continued on after. I would love if you could read out her poem on air just to put it out there the true feelings of a young girl who has gone through and is still suffering because of another group of girls. She would prefer to remain anonymous and we would really appreciate it if, you could find the time to read out her poem.

The Bullies

Oh, you bullies - what’s it gonna be today?

Is it my clothes or is it my hair?

You always find fault

You laugh, and you stare

Sometimes I think

If I could only not care.

When I think back last summer

I’d lie in my bed

I’d cry and go over

This mess in my head

Oh, why don’t they like me?

Why won’t they let me join in

Please be my friends

Let’s start over again

One year has gone on

I’m first year in St. Brendans

I can honestly say

 Those days have now ended

Oh, don’t get me wrong

They still have a go

I see them and think

“Oh, you’ll never know”

The heartbreak and fears

 The pain through the years

Time is a healer

My heart has now mended

Thanks to my family

My new friends I needed

I now realise

It’s not me needs to change

I’m somebody special

Way out of their range

I’m clever and kind

I’m clear in my mind

 I’m unique and I’m gifted

I’m always ready to listen.

To be part of that group

I so badly wanted

I now understand why –

That’s not where I belonged

Life is a journey

We’re all travelling on

Sometimes we stumble

Sometimes we fall

Learning and living

Smiling, moving on

Be caring, be thoughtful

Be mindful not spiteful

And always remember one golden rule

Always treat others

As you would like them treat you

Respectful and caring

A friend oh so true

Live and let live

 Smile and be brave

Some bullies will remain bullies

 Til they go to their grave.




If you have been affected by bullying in any way in the past or currently, there are great groups to talk to including, stopthebully.ieMindspace Mayo,, and many others. 


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