West of Ireland

  • Nearly 400 people have been diagnosed with mumps so far this year - including 62 in the Western region.

    New statistics from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show 64 new cases of mumps were reported nationally last week alone, bringing the total for this year to date to 381.

    Just over 60 percent of cases were in young people aged 15 to 24.

    115 of the cases so far this year were in the Eastern region, while just 9 diagnoses were confirmed in the South East area, and 62 in the West.

    Some outbreaks have been reported in schools and universities, with Trinity College telling people to stay at home if they feel unwell.



  • Marine scientists have discovered a “very rare” shark nursery in deep waters some 200 miles off the west coast.

    The nursery was discovered during an investigation of Ireland’s deep ocean territory, and shows the seabed littered with eggs, or so-called “mermaids' purses”. 

    Images show very large numbers of egg cases filmed on the seafloor at depths of up to 750 metres.

    It's understood they could belong to the Blackmouth catshark and the Sailfin roughshark.

    The nursery was discovered during the SeaRover survey undertaken last July, which was exploring Ireland’s deep-water coral reef systems.

    The footage was captured by the Marine Institute’s remotely operated vehicle deployed onboard the Irish Lights Vessel the Granuaile.