• SUSI is warning that today is the final day for students to apply for a college grant.

    So far, the national student grant awarding authority has received almost 98 thousand applications.

    Those who have not started the process are advised to contact SUSI immediately.



  • Two students were taken to hospital following a substance-related emergency at NUI Galway last evening.

    The alarm was raised about the condition of the two male students in their early twenties, and emergency services were called to Corrib Village.

    The students required medical care at the scene before being taken to UHG as a precaution – one of the young men remains in hospital today, but his condition is not believed to be life threatening.

    In a statement on social media, NUI Galway says the University activated its emergency response protocol and emergency services came to the support of the students, who are now under medical care.

    They’re reminding students to stay safe and mind each other, and if anyone is aware of someone who may have taken a substance and had a bad reaction, they should contact the  emergency services immediately.



  • Up to 50 students have reported incidents of rape and sexual assault in Galway in the past six months.

    The figures follow revelations yesterday that three students reported rape in the first two weeks of college in Cork.

    Executive director of the Galway Rape Crisis Centre Cathy Connolly told the Irish Independent that they have been contacted by between 45-50 students in the last six months.

    She said September and October were busy months as the college year begins, and first-years can be quite vulnerable.

    Noeline Blackwell, CEO of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, said that while they receive many calls during Freshers Week, they answer a stream of calls all year round, with reports of incidents involving students.

    Ms Blackwell added that consent was something that colleges should discuss with students, as they learn to balance their "new levels of freedom".